Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What to expect.....

I think that every single person that I talked to when I was pregnant with Boug told me I had to have the "What to expect" book. So of course, I rushed out and bought it.... The book quickly became my savior... then I had Miss Boug and I had to rush out and get "What to expect, the 1st year." I couldn't tell you how much I've loved the books and how handy that they've come. Even the 2nd time around with Lil' Buddy I still catch myself referencing the books because they're loaded with so much valuable information.

Big thanks to Mom Central for giving me a chance to review the new Clorox "What to expect guide to a healthy home," because honestly, when you think that there can be no more information to jam into your brain- there is. I can't say that I'm the neatest and the cleanest person, but I think I keep a fairly healthy home. I'm so happy that the guide doesn't make me feel bad about myself, one of the first things that it says "Your house is probably a lot cleaner than you think."

We try our best to keep everyone happy and healthy and in our house especially, that means lots of hand washing and laundry doing. With the hub being a butcher, he consistantly carries in raw chicken bits on his clothing... EWWWW....

You can reference the Clorox "What to expect guide for a healthy home" at the Clorox site by clicking here! Its an easy to read, downloadable PDF file that you can even print out for easy reference!! Love that!! There's also the "What to expect growth chart" which makes what to expect as they grow so easy, I love the different helpful hints specified for each age! Like Boug's age, 5, says "Don't ever leave home without a hand sanitizer" which definitely rings true for us, because she seems to think she needs to touch every ledge and railing wherever we go!! And for Lil' Buddy's age, 1, it says "Time to start baby proofing your house!" and I feel like no matter how much baby proofing I do, its never done!! Gotta love walking babies who get into everything!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Clorox and the What to Expect Guide and received a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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