Thursday, August 6, 2009

Comfort is Key!

I'm not one of those perfect little moms who wear adorable kitten heeled shoes everyday... perfectly pressed khaki pants.... stain-free white button down shirts... nope... that's not me.

I'm the mom who MUST be comfortable. I live in yoga pants and jeans. I would be lost without tanks and tees. And I wear flip flops, crocs and sneakers like its my job. But I love a great way to stay comfortable and make my oh-so-casual outfits (can I call them outfits?) pop a bit!

Being able to add to a pair of jeans and a black tee with my Nordic Toggle Boots from Muk Luks is awesome, the pattern just jumps and I'm so ridiculously comfortable at the same time! They're great, cause they are like wearing a big comfy pair of socks, but with the suede sidewalls, memory foam padding and TPR soles, they can be worn inside and out, just like every other pair of shoes!

I'm thinking that these are definitely going to be my go-to boots during the fall and winter... especially while still getting used to sending Boug off to Kindergarten. I'll be so concerned about her outfits, that yet again, I'll turn to the things that I know that I love for myself so there's little thought about my own outfits again!

Muk Luks carries so many different varieties of boots and shoes to choose from, sherpa boots, mary janes, scuffs and thong sandals among so many other choices!

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