Monday, August 17, 2009

Hannah Montana The Movie!!

Like every other little girl out there, my daughter loves Hannah Montana. The crazy thing is, we dont even get the Disney Channel!!! Our rinky dink little cable company doesn't even offer it to us!! Ridiculous I know, but you know something like Hannah Montana is widespread when you know it and love it and you don't even get it on tv.

So thank goodness that Hannah Montana The Movie comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray TOMORROW! (August 18th) Because this is probably one of the only ways that Boug is going to be able to get her Hannah Montana fix without us having to let her go live with my parents since they get Disney.

Miley Cyrus, with her infectious smile, rocks as Hannah Montana, though never to forget where she came from, her dad starts to put her foot down. Pops played by none other than Miley's real dad, Billy Ray "achy breaky" Cyrus! We love how catchy all of Miley's songs are in Hannah Montana The Movie, and yes... I'll admit, I catch myself singing them as well!! Such a sweet movie to watch, seeing Hannah Montana trying to figure out who she is in life.

We loved all the bonus materials too, which isn't just a few- there's a TON! Boug loved learning the Hoedown Throwdown dance, checking out the music videos and deleted scenes, but as always, our favorite bonus was the bloopers!!

Hannah Montana: The Movie is available for puchase at


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