Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fab lunches with Fabkins!

An easy way to do a little part in helping the environment is to switch over to cloth napkins. We've been doing our part here at home, but why should that stop when the kids go to school? And why should it not be fun?

Fabkins are a great way to help make being tidy and neat a fun task- I feel like whenever we use paper napkins, I'm always begging Boug to wipe her face. With the Fabkins, she's so antsy to use her cloth napkins that her face is never dirty!! I know that packing Fabkins in her lunchbox, I won't be sitting home worrying if she has mustard stuck on her face or jelly in the corner of her mouth.There are different styles of Fabkins available to choose from, like the prima ballerina, xtreme sports, fruit salad, african safari and others, your kiddo isn't going to have the boring napkins at the lunch table!

They're an easy way to keep your kid eco-friendly and saving yourself a bit of money in the process! The packages and packages of paper napkins add up!! Fabkins is even available for fundraising opportunites with your childs school!

Don't forget to use code FreeShip at checkout for free shipping on orders of 2 sets or more!!


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