Monday, August 17, 2009

Get your stuff to stick with you!

I'm in utter shock and awe that Boug is headed off to kindergarten this year. I know that I'll probably be a bawling mess on September 9th when she goes for her first full day, but it won't be because she lost anything. I'm going to be sticking her name to EVERYTHING with labels, Stuck On You labels!!

I remember as a kid, I'd lose everything. My mom would be constantly on my case about where all my stuff was, and to be honest, the only thing that ever had my name on it was my pencils. My mom ordered me personalized pencils every year, but I swear, she really should have gotten me name labels for the rest of my stuff too. I won't be making that mistake with Boug or Lil' Buddy!!

One way that Boug and I have prepped for kindergarten already was that together we took the adorable Stuck On You labels and started sticking them to most of her items that will be going to school with her. She took so much pride in afixing her labels and knowing what she's going to be taking with her!! Even though we don't have everything that she needs as of yet, we're making sure that what she does have, isn't getting lost!! Stuck On You has covered bases though with their Tools 4 School, that includes all your basic needs for school, like colored pencils, erasers, scissors, pencil case, and more, along with 50 name labels! They also offer the Back To School Super Special Pack that contains 25 small labels, 20 shoe labels, a personalized bag tag, and 25 clothing transfers to get back all your jackets, sweaters, hats and mittens!! And a great asset for those of you that have kiddos with allergies is the Stuck On You Allergy Pack! You can get them for peanut, egg, dairy or gluten free!


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