Wednesday, August 26, 2009

truTV::: Not Reality- Actuality.

truTV is one of those channels that I wish my itty-bitty, rinky-dink cable company offered, but I'm not that lucky. We'll be moving next month and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find it on the channel list for the new cable company, or dish, or whatever we get!!

I'm a fan of reality television, but a lot of todays reality tv isn't actually reality. Ladies competing for millionaires? In reality, that doesn't happen the way they protray it. People being roommates? Again, in reality, it doesn't happen that way. truTV doesn't like to call itself reality. They call themselves "actuality." Which makes so much more sense!!

But these are real videos on truTV, so sometimes you have to watch with caution. I've been getting my fix online since I don't get the channel.

I love this video from World's Wildest Vacation Videos with the fish!! It cracks me up every single time that I watch it!! Even Boug will watch this one with me and just crack up. Isn't it funny??

Though I've watched lots of other videos from truTV, one of them is from World's Wildest Vacation Videos and the guy is bungee jumping... I'm scared of heights, so it freaks me out regardless... but then he keeps falling!!! Thank goodness that there is something there to catch him, or else that could have been really, really bad.... kinda like the video clip of the "Sore Luger" from truTV and The Smoking Gun. The only word that I have for that one is- "Ow."

Do you get truTV at your house?? Do you watch it??



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