Monday, August 3, 2009

Are you CampusReady?

This post was sponsored by Sears. All the opinions are mine.

I remember when I graduated high school, and my friends went off to college... I did the whole community college thing and then decided it wasn't for me... But now as a parent, I see the whole college thing differently. Before I know it I'll be packing Boug and Lil' Buddy off to college... I mean, I can't believe how quickly kindergarten came and next thing you know it will be college.

I watched my friends prepare to head off to schools, to pursue goals and achieve dreams, but what it takes to prepare to head off to college is so much more than SAT's and tuition!! has thankfully made it easier for you, your kids, or whoever, to become more CampusReady!

For starters, you can "shop by dorm room," meaning that you can browse decorating ideas based on personality! If I were headed off to college... I'd be going for the "funky femme" because I just adore the black and pink floral microfiber comforter set!! The coordinating dorm room products and decorating ideas take some of the worry out of what to buy and keeps the room looking so well put together! has even put together a great interactive checklist... I love that because I'm the one who always forgets something!! ALWAYS! And they even included duct tape on the list, because you know... duct tape fixes everything!! This is their first home away from home! There are so many things on the list that you just don't give a second thought to in your own home that they're easy to overlook when it comes time to pack up and head to campus.

The money sense tips for financial planning are amazing, whether you're headed to college or not. I'm always a big fan of money advice and I love the tips that Sears has provided. "Save your change" is definitely one that we practice here... I just cashed in right before BlogHer for $107!! You just don't realize how quick it adds up!!

Not to forget, Sears has clothes too and there's the apparel must haves for heading off to college. There's no way that you'd want to forget an extra purse or two... With a limited clothing budget, a great bag can change the look of an outfit from dressed down to a bit dressier. Add in shoes or a scarf and you've got a whole other look! Closets aren't huge so accessorizing is a great way of maximizing the space you have! Don't forget the comfort clothes too, like hoodies and comfortable pants, cause studying is one college situation where you'll definitely want to be comfortable!! has even taken it one step further with their facebook app for an awesome transition from living with the 'rents to living on their own. Make sure you become a fan of CampusReady on Facebook!!

Not to forget, college tuition is going up, up, up... be sure to enter for your chance to win money towards tuition from upromise and sears. Check out for rules and regulations!!



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