Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lunchtime Snackin'!

I can't believe I'm going to be packing Boug's lunchbox for Kindergarten in just like 2.5 weeks!! Its crazy!! I want to send her with healthy snacks that will fuel her for the day, not sugary stuff that will have her running on empty before you know it.

Kashi's products are perfect to pack into a reusable container to head to school with! Though we already love starting our days with the warm cinnamon oat Heart to Heart cereal, the TLC Crackers are super to pair with some cheese as a healthy snack! We love how they're all natural and minimally processed! Loaded with SEVEN whole grains, they're an easy way to know that we're eating better than we used to!

Another awesome easy snack idea is the Fruitabu organic products! Boug just loves the twirls and flats since they're fun to eat and I love them because they contain a half serving for fruit in each one. Stretch Island Fruit Co. also has some of the best fruits in their line of Fruitabu products, like apple, grape, raspberry, and others! They have no sugars added, all the sugars are natural from the fruit itself, which makes me feel great about giving them to her!


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