Friday, August 28, 2009

WaiverWire for the fantasy football fan in your life!!

Who is the football fan in your life? You husband, father, son, brother, uncle... even yourself?? I know how annoyed that my husband gets because I'm into football almost as much as he is, but he's the one who plays the fantasy games and does the football pools.

WaiverWire is the new place for the men in your life to compete with fantasy football, with so much information so that they can win their fantasy leagues! WaiverWire is loaded with fantasy football draft software, fantasy football news, fantasy football analysis, a forum to chat on, tons of resources for research, they can even check out over 100 local NFL team news feeds! There's so much more available that I could probably go on for a while letting you know.

Now my husband is a football fan, specifically the Minnesota Vikings, but he's vowed not to watch football for the next two years, besides the Super Bowl, since Minnesota took Brett Favre. But I know that he won't be giving up his fantasy leagues and I know that WaiverWire is going to be a great site for him!! He loves his fantasy football, and hopefully WaiverWire can give him the "one up" that he needs to whoop his buddies butts!!

With WaiverWire being created by guys who left Wall St. to build this site, you know that it's quality because it's something that they're passionate about!! Make sure you head over to WaiverWire before the pre-season is over and the real season starts!!



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