Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Tiger's Tail Review

Sometimes the hub and I need a "post kid bedtime" date night, now don't take that with your mind in the gutter.... but sometimes we just need to veg out with a movie. We decided to do so this past weekend with a movie that we had never seen before, as we usually just end up with one that we've seen a million times over.

We relaxed on the couch and popped in "The Tiger's Tail" and though normally, this style of mystery, crime, drama, you name it, isn't my style... "The Tiger's Tail" definitely kept my interest. Without ruining the whole movie for you, because you KNOW you have to at least rent this, if not purchase it, it's really easy to get immersed in a movie that follows someone who is trying to figure out his past after seeing his "double."

After watching "The Tiger's Tail," both the hub and I looked at each other and had no words except... "Whoa..." Kim Cattrall is able to pull off an Irish accent wonderfully, and a story of someone trying to figure out who he is, is definitely engaging!

You can purchase "The Tiger's Tail" at amazon.com.


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