Friday, August 7, 2009

Thank You Sherpani!!

Here we are... Two weeks past BlogHer and I still have stuff in my luggage... Can you believe that one? I've got swag sitting in my suitcase for TWO WEEKS. Its not because I don't like my swag, I love it... I just seriously have been uberlazy and haven't gotten to put it away.

But my luggage... that's something else. I couldn't have gotten better luggage for BlogHer. Sherpani provided me with the awesome Meridian eco recycled luggage and I couldn't tell you how many compliments I received. I stopped counting to be honest with you. The Meridian was so perfect for me because not only did I get it in the awesome palm color, its expandable so I was able to efficiently pack what I was taking and then expand it to make room for all the goodies that I brought home as well!

Not only that, I needed something to tote my stuff around with me while at the Sheraton, so they provided me the Flora Minor in the same awesome palm color. This was probably the most perfect bag that I could have brought! Not too big, not too small. Not awkward or bulky and it fit everything that I needed it to fit!

So I've got to shout out BIG THANKS to Sherpani because without them, I would have been like Joey in Friends and wearing all my clothes at once to bring them with me to Chicago!!

And I MUST tell you, right now the Zoom S8 travel shoulder bag is 50% off!! This one is available in colors cornsilk and sky... Sherpani has some of the most beautiful colors and color combos out there!!

You can also use promo coupon code ACOUCHWITHAVIEW for 15% off of your ENTIRE order at Sherpani through September 1st!!!


Liz August 8, 2009 at 11:21 PM  

I loved this luggage, very cute!!

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