Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quantity over Quality??

With so much surrounding the blogosphere, particularly the "mommy blogs," where does everything stand and why? We've gone from grown ass women who wanted a place to express ourselves and gain friendships, to banning each other from forums, attacking each other verbally and much more. Where did we go wrong?

Even Amy over at did an awesome job putting it into words about "blogger status"- better than I could have ever done.

Point of the matter is- when status and a "who's who" of sorts comes into play, people get ugly. Crap like- "I can't believe this one scored that, That bitch is undeserving, she's a bad mom... blah blah blah..." The greed is disgusting, the entitlement is enough to make you sick and want to walk away from the blogosphere forever. It feels like the only way that you wont get lumped into the "mommy blogger" subtitle is to just quit at times.

Here's the thing... (taking from Amy/MomSpark's topic)... When the other bloggers see the same people getting chosen over and over and over for campaigns and special status and events, its frustrating, yes... but what do these ladies have?? Is it their charming personality? I think not. I'm almost certain that its readership. So the ladies who get thousands upon thousands upon thousands of readers each month, who also have thousands and thousands of twitter followers and whatnot, are the ones who get preferential treatment? Do you think that all of those people are considered "quality" in their lives? Doubtful.

I love my status, which I'm not even sure what it is, but I love where I am in the blogosphere. I love the friendships that I've made, the people that I've met and the people that I will continue to meet. Because honestly, I didn't throw a bot out to get all my twitter followers. I didn't throw some "subscribers only" fancy pants giveaway. I'm me. If you want to subscribe, I'll be happy that you did and I'll look forward to your comments on my site, but I won't force you to be a subscriber. I wont force you to join my facebook page and I wont spam your inbox with lots of requests to boost me up in the interwebz.... But what I will do, is I'll be here. If you want to read, I'll be here. If you want to comment, I'll be here. If you respect my opinion, I'll be here. Because I like where I am, I like my QUALITY readers, I love my QUALITY friendships. I may not have the same QUANTITY of subscribers or twitter followers, but my pals are QUALITY. And that my friends, is a more special status than being a "numbered mom," some sort of "insider" or an "a list blogger chick."


kalea_kane August 27, 2009 at 11:30 PM  

Very nice post. I had no idea that this kind of stuff goes on. I am glad I am just a lil ole blogger. :) You definitely have quality.

Mom Union August 27, 2009 at 11:56 PM  

You know I've been following your blog for some time. I like your blog and I like you. That might sound simple, but let me explain. When you make a post, I know it is heartfelt, personal, and honest. Reading your blog is like having a conversation with a REAL PERSON. Because you are a real person and your reviews and posts reflect that. That's not always so with other blogs, actually, it's very rare. I'd been entering giveaways for awhile before I ran across yours. I always get a little slap happy when I'm tired and start to get a little goofy with my entries, which I figure no one is really reading. When you sent me a msg back that I was cracking you up I was really surprised. I was touched because someone actually responded to me. That's the way you are and that's the way you've always been. Numbers can only reflect just that, numbers. It doesn't reflect the connection you have with your readers. I say, keep doing what you're doing, sister. I love ya. Heather

sheila August 28, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

I stand and applaud you.
So true, so true. It's like the Kennebunkport of

I don't have a whole lot of followers. But blogging keeps me sane. Well, mostly sane. I'll never be big and that's okay.

Superdumb Supervillain August 28, 2009 at 9:27 AM  

It's high school, all over again. Bleh.

Of course I am envious when other bloggers get to go on fancy trips with all their expenses paid but I don't hold it against them when they are chosen! That would be absurd. What drives me nuts is being invited but having the PR say that travel and lodging isn't covered... and then hearing that others are being comped for air and hotel. It seems like the PR reps would realize that we all talk!

kado! August 29, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

I didn't even know there was some sort of "status" ...I'm just having fun...trying to balance life...with all that comes with it! Blogging is just plain FUN for me!

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