Thursday, August 6, 2009

BBQ Foods? Recipe Help?

My monsters birthday party is coming up on the 15th. We were able to jam both their birthdays together this year and just do one party, which I'm way thankful for cause it would cost a fortune to do two separate parties. Next year its doubtful we'll be able to get away with it since Boug will be on summer vacation from school and I'm sure she'll have more friends that she's going to want to invite to her own party.

Anyways, we rented out a huge pavilion at a local lake and it's going to be great! The pavilion we got has a full kitchen and its own bathrooms so it will be so much easier to get cooking done and keep track of everything and everyone. Its close enough to the lake, but isn't in a spot where other people are going to come trampling through your space and God forbid it rains, its a pavilion! We'll stay dry!!

Here's where I need your help... I'm not a bad cook but I've never made coleslaw or potato salad from scratch and I plan on doing it for the kids party. My mom is taking care of the macaroni salad (from my great-grandmothers awesome recipe) so I just need to do the other two....

Do you have a great coleslaw or potato salad recipe?? Tips or tricks?? Something that I should be sure not to forget or overlook?? HELP!!!


Kristin August 7, 2009 at 12:52 AM  

I like pill potato salad. I think it's good, maybe not so much for kids though.

Let e know if you want it!

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