Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Programming from PBS!

Rain Rain Go Away....

We've had a ridiculous amount of rain here since the beginning of the summer and its really starting to wear on the kids. I'm running out of ideas of things to do and places to go... so when the opportunity arose to preview the new PBS programming DVDS, I had to jump at it. We love PBS here and something new for them to watch on these rainy days is going to come in handy!!

First off... Sid The Science Kid... He's adorable! He doesn't irk me like some of the other childrens show characters do ahemcalliouahemmaxandrubyahem. Sid the Science Kid's DVDs contain episodes like "My Mushy Banana" "Change Happens" and "The Bug Club" as well as so many more that kept the kids attention long enough to forget about the rain!

Then there's Dive Olly Dive, which I was so stoked to get because it airs on PBS Sprout which our rinky-dink little cable company doesn't even offer to us. I was so excited because I've heard such wonderful things about it! Boug was definitely loving Dive Olly Dive, and Lil' Buddy was quite intriqued by it! Boug just absolutely loved the ocean life facts that the show gave her!

The new Sid the Science Kid and Dive Olly Dive DVDs will be released on August 4th, so definitely keep an eye out for them! All new episodes of Sid the Science Kid start airing in September on PBS!

Sid the Science Kid: Change Happens, Sid the Science Kid: The Bug Club and Dive Olly Dive: Ship Shape Sub are available for pre-order at!


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