Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are you a geek?

I'm still, day to day, toying with the idea of ditching the "blogspot" and getting my own URL, but its just not my area of expertise. I've found a great resource for so much information that can help me, you... or anyone, make the decision to change!

Through Web Hosting Geeks site, as well as their blog, I've gained so much information about dedicated server hosting, tips for protecting your site, free domain names, and so much more.

There are awesome articles about how to find and choose the best web hosting service for you, dedicated servers, and you can find even more information on the top 10 web hosting and more. The section that is most relevant to me (and probably you) is the Best Blog Hosting section. They recommend Just Host and the customer reviews of it are just phenomenal!

My favorite perk from Web Hosting Geeks is the fact that you can read the customer reviews on the services you're interested from people just like you! To be honest, I think that real reviews from people are worth so much, (as you can see how I do reviews on my site) I'd rather take a real persons word for something versus just reading an advertisement!

All in all, Web Hosting Geeks is a vast wealth of information so that you can make the informed decisions that you need to make about your site, online business or whatever internet venture you have going on!


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