Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Foot Savior...

After a day of walking around BlogHer in probably not the most comfortable shoes... and then hitting the parties in the evenings in my fancy purple heels that I waited so patiently for... It really didn't make for a happy time for my feet later that evening or the next day at all. I'm just so happy that it was planned ahead that I'd have a pair of Kuru's to bring with me, or else I would have been doing what Kristin and Lizzy did, and hit up Aldo or The Gap for another pair of shoes. Had I not had my extremely comfortable shoes by Kuru, I really would have been crying!!

Not only that... O'Hare airport is HUGE!! Much much bigger than I had expected and thankfully I didn't have to trek around the airport in uncomfortable shoes (though I did have an extra tote bag digging into my shoulder) because I tossed on my comfortable Kuru shoes and I was fine!

I've told you about Kuru before, but this time I'm expressing my joy by also being able to provide you a coupon code for your purchase!! You can use CASEYSCOUCH10 for 10% off of your order!!


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