Saturday, November 29, 2008

Getcha Some...

I know that I'm not the only person that money is tight for right now. I tried to get a job around my husbands schedule not too long ago, but that didn't pan out since they CLOSED DOWN without any notice whatsoever. I applied at another job the other day and I'm under qualified, which I know I'm not, but whatever... and I'm trying so hard to get myself something around hub's schedule so that we dont have to pay for childcare, but there's really nothing in my area for the hours I'm available right now. Its frustrating and depressing... I have to say a big thank you to all the bloggers out there giving away great prizes because without them, I'm sure I'd end up in a big deep depression...

*The Mom Buzz has a Pillsbury giveaway going on!!
*Simple Finds has a Short Hats giveaway going on!!
*My Mom Shops has a Sweet Darlin' Ranch giveaway going on!!
*My Trendy Tykes has a See Kai Run giveaway going on!!
*Inside Out has a Fill-in-the-Blankie giveaway going on!!
*The Domestic Diva has a Pledge giveaway going on!!
*3 P's in a Pod has a Crayola Glowstation giveaway going on!!
*3 P's in a Pod has a North Star Toys giveaway going on!!
*Blogmania has a Progresso giveaway going on!!
*Amanda has a Tonka giveaway going on!!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a Sleep Number bed giveaway going on!!

There are a few wonderful giveaways going on for a $500 Wal-Mart giftcard!
I know winning this would really really help me out this year, check these giveaways out at
*Mommy Brain Reports
*Frugal Upstate
*Consumer Queen
*Green Your Decor
*Jessica Knows


Thankie Thankie!

I'm beyond unorganized at times and I've only had the blog up and running for about 2 months now... Think its time to catch up on some thank yous??? Ack... I think so!! I must apologize to my bloggy buddies for not doing this sooner!!!

Now because I am so ridiculously disorganized at this point, and it is something that I am TOTALLY working on. I'm going to have to start keeping track RIGHT NOW to what I'm winning from all these fabulous giveaways going on. I'm going to need to trust you to know who you are and that I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. These giveaways make my days and some of the stuff that I have won has really saved my butt for this Christmas!!

What you do for all of us has not gone unnoticed and has not gone unthanked. I'm just an airhead and have no list to run off of and I'm just lost. So to those of you that I have won from, I do thank you... and I'll try and do better from now on, I promise!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful

Thanksgiving is upon us and I am exceptionally thankful this year.
I am thankful for my wonderful children, even though they make me crazy.
I am thankful for my wonderful husband, even though he makes me crazy.
I am thankful for my parents who support me in every endeavor.
I am thankful to still have all of my extended family with me this year.
I am thankful to have a roof over my head and a full belly, to have no NEEDS in life, only things that I'd eventually LIKE to have.
I am thankful to be who it is that I am. Finally for once, I am content with the person that I have become.
I am thankful that I can finally look past all the materialistic BS and see what really does make me rich in life.

What are you thankful for this year?

Hoppin' around the web-o-net--
*5 Minutes for Mom has a Hasbro giveaway going on!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a Playskool giveaway going on!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a Step2 giveaway going on!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a StukOnU giveaway going on!
*Mommies with Cents has a U*neaks sneaker giveaway going on!
*An Island Life has a Keen giveaway going on!
*An Ordinary Life has a AZ jeans giveaway going on!
*An Ordinary Life has a Baby Alive/Playskool Dance Cam giveaway going on!
*An Ordinary Life has a Mattel giveaway going on!
*An Ordinary Life has a My Little Pony giveaway going on!
*Amanda has a Marshall's gift card giveaway going on!
*Wishing Willow has a Polkadot Papoose giveaway going on!
*I'm No Supermom has a Smart-E-Bear giveaway going on!
*Creative Momma has a Progresso giveaway going on!
*Moms Who Think has a Wii giveaway going on!
*From Dates to Diapers has a Mutsy stroller giveaway going on!
*Cool Baby Kid has a Polliwalks giveaway going on!
*Lisa Reviews has a Oh! Toys giveaway going on!
*Fabulous Fun Finds has a See Kai Run giveaway going on!
*Bellaziza's Favorite Things has a Everything but the Princess giveaway going on!
*Lipstick to Crayons has a Bumkins giveaway going on!
*What's that Smell? has a Keen giveaway going on!
*Lille Punkin' Reviews has a Pledge giveaway going on!
*3 P's in a Pod has a Faber-Castell giveaway going on!
*3 P's in a Pod has a North Star Toys giveaway going on!
*Wish List Worthy has a Build-A-Bear game giveaway going on!
*Boston Mamas has a Robeez giveaway going on!

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful giveaways you're all holding! One more thing that I'm thankful for!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Build-A-Bear Wii Game Giveaway!!

***Giveaway closed!! Winner will be drawn with and announced shortly!!***

Thanksgiving is here in about a day, which means Christmas is literally RIGHT around the corner!! I'm not prepared, once again this year, just like I'm not prepared every single year. It takes a lot out of me to get everything that I need to get accomplished done. But maybe I can do something to help you out this year? Need a gift for a special little one in your life? Do they have a Wii
?? Do they love the Build-A-Bear workshop?? Then seriously, give this game some thought, its the Build-A-Bear Workshop: A Friend Fur All Seasons game and its been getting RAVE reviews!! This great game is put out by Game Factory Games and is all about Bearamy and Pawlette and there are 20 mini-games to play, medals and rewards, secret treasure spots and so so so much more. This game is definately on Boug's Christmas wish list this year.

AND..... Game Factory Games is so great that they have a fabulous celebrity-built Build-A-Bear auction going on right now at eBay with bears that have been built by Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, James Gandolfini, Melissa Joan Hart and OH MY GOODNESS, tell the kids... THE JONAS BROTHERS!! There are so many more too and what's not to love about a Build-A-Bear, let alone one designed by a celebrity!?!?

I've got a copy of this great game to giveaway to one reader!!

Post a comment with your favorite celebrity built bear available at the auction!!

2nd entry?? Subscribe or add me to your blog roll and leave a 2nd comment letting me know!!

3rd entry?? If you bid on a celebrity bear, let me know for a 3rd entry!! This one is going on the honor system so please be honest with the 3rd entry. If you don't bid, please don't try and tell me that you did!!

This giveaway will be open until Monday, December 1st at noon eastern, a winner will be drawn with Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you're drawn as the winner!! This is open to the U.S. and our neighbors to the north, Canada!

For those who aren't quite lucky enough to win a copy of this game, its available for purchase from, Wal-Mart, Target and most other game retailers.

Big giant thanks to the wonderful Family Review Network making this giveaway possible to my readers!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Odd Combinations-

Ever think about a store like Wal-Mart and the strangest combinations of products that you could combine? I mean, Wal-Mart has pretty much everything. The hub had to stop there for some DVD's after work tonight and I asked him to pick up some cream colored cable knit tights for Boug. So DVD's and tights got me thinking of other odd combinations... everything you need to make a caesar salad and shotgun shells, or infant formula and paint thinner, or a fishing pole and a frozen pizza. I mean the list goes on... whats the oddest combination of things you've ever picked up at a Wal-Mart or the oddest combination that you can even think of to buy?

Mondays visits--
*SassyFrazz has a Poingo system to giveaway!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a Land's End giveaway going on!
*A Frog in my Soup has Bugaloo shoes to giveaway!
*Busy Mom has a Smitten blog design to giveaway!
*An Ordinary Life has a Graco carseat to giveaway!
*Mommy's Idea has a personalized blog dolly to giveaway!
*Red Sox Mommy has a DirtTamer giveaway going on!
*Berrie Sweet Picks has a Poingo system to giveaway!
*Table for Five has a $100 Home Depot gift card to giveaway!
*What's That Smell? has a DirtTamer giveaway!
*Momma Findings has a Green Toys tea set to giveaway!
*Berrie Sweet Picks has a Cheekeyes wooden toy set to giveaway!
*Mommy's Idea has a $50 How Fast They Grow gift certificate to giveaway!

I've got a Build-A-Bear Workshop: A Friend Fur All Seasons
Wii game giveaway coming up!! Keep posted for more information!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Unsatisfied Customer

With times being what they are, I'm sure we are all doing everything we can to make the most of our money and I am a prime example of that. I do the online surveys, use special search engines and shop through certain websites in order to get the most bang for my buck or the amount of time that I spend online. If it seems "cheap," well I have to be cheap, or better yet frugal and a spendthrift. I'm not working, hubby's one income is barely getting us by and I've got to do anything that I can in order to feel like I contribute financially to the household.

Now with that being said, I don't normally bitch about companies or complain too much. If I have something not so nice to say, I try and keep it to a minimum. But this time, this time I just cant bite my tongue anymore!! My hub had $1,000 to spend on I thought I did this shopping the smart way. I clicked through as an account holder, in order to be credited 10 points for every dollar spent at We thought this was great and that the answers to our "where-is-the-Christmas-money-coming-from" prayers had been answered. These points for $1,000 worth of purchases would have given us a nice giftcard through to use to get Christmas presents for our daughter. I made a total of 9 separate purchases, 8 of them I used the correct procedure for clicking-through to from to "register" the transaction so that I would be properly credited. Months later, I have only been credited for 4 of the transactions and of course, the 4 least expensive ones. I've begged, pleaded and have contemplated contacting the Better Business Bureau for these points in the hopes that they would see their error and award them. I have begged to speak with a manager or a supervisor of some sort but that hasn't helped. Finally they said that I may contact to try and get them to somehow resubmit the transactions so that I can get credited for the points, but no,'s help told me to get back in touch with Honestly, the run around is frustrating, but I'd take it if I knew in the long run that I would be credited for the points that I am owed and I can redeem them in time to get the gift cards to make purchases for Christmas. But I dont feel like this is going to work out. I feel like this company has cheated me, lied to me and has completely ripped me off. I feel like both as well as have been dishonest companies in this situation.

Maybe here's hoping that someone up high in one of these companies will hear my plea for help, maybe I just needed to vent, who knows. All I can say though is that it doesn't feel too good when you try and do all that you can to make the most of your money and seems to be impossible even after following all the steps.

With our faltering economy, what do you do to save money or even make a little bit somehow? How do you make the most of your purchases?


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whatcha wishing for??

The holidays are coming so much quicker than expected!! Thanksgiving is in just a few days and then before you know it Christmas is here. Have you checked out's wishlist? What a great way to track all your information and keep yourself organized this holiday season. You can find out All about wishlist! by clicking the link. On my wishlist is BRIO Shape Sorting Box, Pampers Swaddlers, Value Pack and Playskool Made For Me 2 In 1 Infant Gym for lil' Buddy. Boug definately wants a bigger LEGO Set and the Fur Real Friends Tugging Pup Dalmatian. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of my list for these kids, there's so much great stuff out there this year, it makes me wish I were a kid again!! Whats on your loved ones wish list this year??

Wishing to win!!
*Samantha Anderson has a Pillsbury gift basket to giveaway!
*Scribbit has an Evenflo car seat to giveaway!
*Popular Baby Products has a $50 Bubblecakes Baby gift certificate to giveaway!
*Lisa Reviews has a Land's End giveaway going on!
*Sandra has an Amy Kathryn giveaway going on!
*Mamanista has a Leapfrog Tag system to giveaway!
*Amanda has a Frito-Lay gift basket to giveaway!
*The Giveaway has a Fill-in-the-Blankie to giveaway!
*My Wooden Spoon has a Hershey's giveaway going on!
*Our Happy Happenings has a Naturally Nora cake giveaway going on!
*What's that Smell? has a Nana Star book and lovey to giveaway!
*Everything Up Close has FlexFlops to giveaway!
*Parent Reviewers has a SweetPea mp3 player to giveaway!
*5 Minutes for Mom has Cheekeyes wooden toys to giveaway!
*7 Dogs & a Baby has a Build-a-Bear wii game to giveaway!
*Mommies United has a Land's End duffle to giveaway!

Dont forget to enter my giveaway for the super sweet book, Purry Logic!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Fun Friday Night!!

Here I am again, filling you in on some great giveaways as I sit here with some coffee cake and a cup of tea!!

*Momma Findings has a Pillsbury set to giveaway!
*Momma Findings has a Pirates crayon roll to giveaway!
*Cool Baby Kid has a grandparents memory book to giveaway!
*Amanda has a Creative Vado pocket video camera to giveaway!
*Amanda has an orbitz gift basket to giveaway!
*Lipstick to Crayons has Uncommonly Cute tees to giveaway!
*TotallyHer has Imagiplay toys to giveaway!
*My Boys has a SoMi baby sleepsack to giveaway!
*3 P's Mama Says... has Green Toys gardening kit to giveaway!
*Sandra has a Land's End lighthouse duffel to giveaway!
*Sandra has a Mutsy Spider Stroller to giveaway!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a Poingo starter set to giveaway!
*Parent Reviewers has Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Centsible Mommy has a Happy Green Bee outfit to giveaway!
*Peanut Butter & Pickles has a Scentsy warmer giveaway!
*Blessings Abound has Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Simple has a Slanket to giveaway!
*Funky Finds has an Etsy Dallas Jingle Bells giveaway!
*7 Dogs & a Baby has a Plan Toys dancing alligator to giveaway!
*Busy Mommy has a Radio Flyer turtle to giveaway!
*An Island Review has a $25 Target card and Pledge to giveaway!
*A Mom's Review has Olan Mills packages and cake and frosting to giveaway!

So long, farewell... After all this reading, my peepers are tired and its time to catch up on some zzz's!! Good night to all and thank you everyone for having such great giveaways!!


Itty Bitty Pimples...

Without fail, lil' Buddy, my 3 month old, looks like he's just starting puberty. Just in time for holiday pictures... the very wonderful (and expensive) holiday pictures that I never thought I would be able to afford this year. The fabulous holiday picture package from The Picture People that I was lucky enough to win from TotSnob. (THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!) These pictures are saving my butt this year, I'll actually be able to give my parents and my in-laws a gift. I'm planning on giving beautiful framed Picture People photos to them of the children. But of course, the boy has broken out in BABY ACNE!!! And they aren't just tiny scattered pimples, they are pretty decent sized on his little cheeks and RED!! Really really red. So what is a wonderful thing, these great pictures, have now begun to stress me out uncontrollably. I really wanted to go fairly soon to get these done and now I'm so worried that his face isn't going to clear up!! So here's what I need to know, whats the best way to make baby zits inconspicuous? Are you taking your kids to get holiday pictures done? What will they be wearing? (I need some ideas on that one too!!)

Dont forget to enter the Purry Logic giveaway!! Ends Nov. 30th!


Purry Logic Book Review & GIVEAWAY!!

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED!! Winner will be drawn by and posted Monday, Dec. 1st.***

Super Deee Duper!! Its that time!! I got my hands on an adorable book to review and a copy to giveaway to one of my readers!!

Purry Logic by Jane Seabrook is adorable! Its one of those great "gift books" that when you see it, you know exactly who it would be perfect for. I know a few people personally that would love this book. There's just something that cats have over their owners and the pages in this book state it so perfectly. Such as the page that says "Why can't you need my eternal devotion at a more convenient time?" since that is how my dear, sweet kitty Sierra reacts to Boug. And even more fitting for our furbaby-- "Never feed me anything that doesn't match the carpet." Since Sierra LOVES to go onto the nice, light tan carpeted bedroom and barf up whatever she can so that I sit there and scrub the carpet before the stain sets. I swear the cat gets satisfaction out of seeing me clean.

As you can see, Sierra has become an instant fan of Purry Logic--

I'm pretty sure she's trying to tell me something.....

This would make such a great gift for the cat lover in your life, or gift it to yourself to gain some insight as to how your kitty REALLY feels!!

Purry Logic is available from 10 Speed Press for only $9.95.

Thanks to Family Review Network for giving me a chance to not only snag up my own copy to love, I've got a copy to give away to one of my readers!! Do ya want it?? Do ya?? Here's what you've gotta do...

*Leave a comment, make sure you let me know your kitty's name or who you plan on gifting this to if you were to win!

*Please be sure I can contact you if you're drawn as the winner!

*This giveaway is open to U.S. mailing addresses and will run until midnight, eastern, on November 30th. A winner will be drawn with on December 1st and emailed, if there is no way to contact the winner, a new one will be drawn. If there is no response by Dec. 3rd, a new winner will be drawn.

*Want that extra entry?? Put me on your blogroll and leave a separate comment letting me know you did.

Thanks again to 10 Speed Press and Family Review Network for making this giveaway possible!


My blogroll went bye-bye again....

Once again, please bear with me, my blogroll went bye-bye and I need to go back through and get it all put back on. But on a happier note, I finally figured out how to fix up my blog with a new layout!! Isn't it snazzy?!?! I'm loving it!! Big thanks to Gisele Jaquenod for designing such gorgeous layouts and not only that- being wonderful enough to let us use some for FREE!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Tour Visit #1

I'm starting my blog tour tonight!! I'll be going around to the blogs involved in the Family Review Network and checking them all out one by one. There are so many great blogs that are in this network and I am so proud to also be a part of it. I hope to get to know the other ladies out there and open some of my readers eyes to some really great blogs!! So without further ado... STOP #1 ON MY BLOG TOUR!!

First up-- 3 P's Mama Says...

Okay, holy moly- what a beautiful, festive blog design!! I can't even get my blog to look non-generic and this is a gorgeous wintery scene! I'm loving it!! Its such a nice layout with everything so organized, and easy on the eyes. I'm definately able to look at this blog and know exactly what I'm reading without getting overwhelmed. Alyson has so many awesome giveaways going on and there are currently 5 prize groups for a total of 16 gifts!! Super freakin' cool! Want Chatterchix? That runs through November 30th at noon time. Want a Haba pull toy? These are just the beginning and all are just in time for Christmas!!

3 P's Mama Says... reminds me a little of myself. Alyson is the mama to just that, 3 P's. I am the mama to 2 C's, for a total of 4 C's in my household. Alyson, you've got a special place with me girl!!

Alright, I'm concluding this leg of the tour with 3 P's Mama Says... by saying this is an awesome site with great giveaways!! I'll be back to visit most definately!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Perusing the Blogosphere...

I love my blog, I honestly really really do, but its boring looking. Its pathetic looking and I am not a fan of that... Now with that said, this is my little corner of the world and my little time that I take out for myself. I don't work, though staying home with the kids is in fact a full time job. My husband works full time and money is tight. I'd love to purchase a custom blog design but it is just not in my budget. I've looked at the free ones online and I swear I can't even begin to understand how to make it work. I tried one today and it made my blog go all weird and then I had to somehow try to undo what I did. My head was spinning!! I NEED SOME HELP!!! So where my blog designers at yo? Anyone want to hold my hand and walk me though fixing my blog up all pretty like?

Check 'em out...
*Cool Baby Kid has Bella Tunno bibs to giveaway!
*A Cowboy's Wife has a $100 Home Depot gift card to giveaway!
*Mom Most Traveled has Eleven shoes to giveaway!
*Momma Findings has a For Goodness Sakes blog makeover to giveaway! (I want this BAD!!!!)
*Delicious Baby has a Flip video camera to giveaway!
*Lille Punkin' Reviews has a pair of U*neaks to giveaway!
*Fabulous Fun Finds has Babylegs to giveaway!
*Peekaboo has Yankers and a $50 gift certificate to giveaway!
*Mommies with Cents has Sensible Sippers to giveaway!
*Petit Elefant has a $25 Build-a-Bear gift card to giveaway!
*Life in a House of Blue has a Pillsbury set to giveaway!
*First Impressions has 2 pairs of Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*One Chic Mama has a Skip Hop Studio diaper bag to giveaway!
*Busy Mom has a pair of See Kai Run shoes to giveaway!
*Jo-Jo's Place has See Kai Run shoes to giveaway!
*Jo-Jo's Place has the ultimate gift basket to giveaway!
*Mamanista has a One Step Ahead stepping stone playmat to giveaway!
*Mama Sparkles has a pair of Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Bellaziza's Favorite Things has a Recaro car seat to giveaway!
*BabySnazz has 20 PAIRS of BabyLegs to giveaway!
Win 20 Pairs of Baby Leg Warmers from babySNAZZ!
*Cool Baby Kid has an awesome launch prize package to giveaway!

Big thanks to everyone out there in the blogosphere with all these great lovely giveaways!! Stay tuned, my 2nd giveaway ever is going to be starting next week, so keep checkin' back for that!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

I get around...

The children are actually behaving! Hallelujah!! So here's where I've been in the time that they have given me--

*An Ordinary Life has a dvd and a gift card to giveaway!
*5 Minutes for Mom has Mrs. Goodbee dollhouse to giveaway!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a $100 Sears card to giveaway!
*Amanda has a Leapster 2 to giveaway!
*Amanda has a FurReal pup to giveaway!
*Sweet Irie has 2 wristlets to giveaway!
*From Dates to Diapers has a $50 Wal-Mart card to giveaway!
*From Dates to Diapers has an apron and a Campbell's tin to giveaway!
*From Dates to Diapers has a savorings gift set to giveaway!
*SassyFrazz has U*neaks to giveaway!
*3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires has a pillsbury gift set to giveaway!
*Fractured Toy has a $50 Layers Clothing gift card to giveaway!
*Blessings Abound has babysparewear to giveaway!
*Fabulous Fun Finds has a spa wrap to giveaway!
*Popular Baby Products has a $50 Sugar Sweet Baby gift certificate to giveaway!
*Sanda has a whole bunch of Mattel toys to giveaway!
*A Little Bit Nutty has My Baby for DS to giveaway!
*Simply Sentimental has a $15 2Monkeys gift certificate to giveaway!
*The Opinionated Parent has a Karito kids doll to giveaway!
*Barefoot Mommies has a BBBaby boutique $20 gift certificate to giveaway!

Big thanks to all the bloggers out there offering great giveaways!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

What are you making for dinner?

Every night I question myself... what the hell am I going to make for dinner? With money so tight, I tend to do mini-grocery shopping sessions and just pick up this and that for meals a few items at a time. There always comes a point in the week that I'm like CRAP! I have NOTHING left!! We've been doing a lot of soup and grilled cheese lately, which we all love but its starting to get old. Then on the flipside, at least twice to three times a week I make eggs, homefries and toast for dinner. The other two or three nights a week are always those "OH CRAP" nights and I usually end up trying to figure something out with whatever is left over! It got me thinking, I really need to start figuring out some recipes that are good and not monotonous and that can be whipped up with 5 ingredients or less without breaking the bank. Here's one I'll share with you, I've been doing it for years, yet for the past year probably, I've been forgetting to refresh my cabinets with the ingredients to have on hand!! Maybe I'll head to the grocery store tomorrow....

Zesty Pesto Chicken--

1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast
1/2 c. spicy brown mustard
1/2 c. pesto
1/2 c. balsamic vinegar

Pierce chicken breast with a fork a few times each.
Mix together mustard, pesto and vinegar.
Add the chicken breast to the mixture and marinade for at least 1 hour (the longer the better I think!)
When the marinading is complete, preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Place the marinated chicken onto a piece of aluminum foil large enough to be folded around it and spoon some of the marinade on top.
Fold up the foil like a packet, repeat for all pieces of chicken and place onto a cookie sheet.
Bake at 375 for at least 30 minutes or until done.

I know that the recipe says ZESTY, but its not spicy at all, my 4 year old loves this and has like it since she was probably 2 or so.
I love to pair this recipe with some couscous and asparagus spears. This is definately one of my favorite meals and its sooo easy to make. The foil packs make it so easy to clean up. Sheesh, there have been times that I've made this and NOT washed the cookie sheet after using it!! Shhh... don't tell on me or think any less of me!!

If you do happen to try this out, please let me know how it worked out for you!! This was one of those recipes that I just tossed together one day and I haven't come across it in any cookbooks or anything. I'm curious to see what others think of it!


Friday night fun!

Here I am home once again on a Friday night, sipping tea, reading blogs, listening to Jimmy Kimmel and hoping that the children don't wake up. Most people my age are out partying, drinking, being crazy and being 26. I did all that when I was 18 through 21. Its out of my system, but still I cant help but think about what some of my friends are doing tonight and how much I would just love to escape for an evening and hang with the girls. Maybe I'm feeling a little self pity, as I got into a major huge phone blowout with my mother tonight and that never feels good. But in the words of Dane Cook, "I just wanna dance, I wanna dance in a circle with our purses in the middle and just dance..."

Where I've been tonight--
*The Glamorous WAHM has mink baby booties to giveaway!
*A Mom's Review has a Build-a-Bear gift card to giveaway!
*Mamanista has a $50 Marshall's gift card to giveaway!
*A Frog in my Soup has a new Evenflo carseat to giveaway!
*Fractured Toy has a beautiful SAK purse to giveaway!
*A Cowboy's Wife has a $50 Wal-Mart card to giveaway!
*An Island Review has $25 to giveaway to 2 people!
*Bellaziza's Favorite Things has a Peg Perego carseat to giveaway!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tea and Blogs

Once again, here is my "me" time. After a very hectic 2 days I get to unwind with a cup of tea and catching up on my bloggies!! Lil' Buddy went for his 3 month check up and once again, he's a tank!! While we were there I discussed with his pediatrician whether the rest of us should get flu shots, and or course we should, they said that they would do Boug's shot right then and there. The girl was AMAZING!! No flinch, no tears, no screaming, nothing. As the nurse said goodbye and turned to leave the room, Boug shouted out to her "Thank you!!" The kid THANKED the nurse for giving her a shot... c'mon, I can't make this crap up!! Lil' Buddy has what I thought was a diaper rash that I couldn't clear up. Unfortunately its fungal and that's why I couldn't clear it up, the pediatrician wrote a script for an ointment to take care of it. I went to fill the prescription at CVS and it wound up costing me $50!!! And that's with insurance!! Now I really dont mind as long as it works, but if I wasted $50 on some ointment that doesn't work I'm going to be upset.

Boug and I were able to have some 1 on 1 time today which was very nice even if it was only going to run some errands. Her and I dont get much time to ourselves anymore. We must remember how important it is not to cast our older children aside when a new baby enters the household. Easier said than done but we have to do it.

Catching up on what I missed--

*Free Birthday Treats Blog has a chex basket to giveaway!
*Mama Sparkles has a chex basket to giveaway too!
*Fabulous Fun Finds has a Kaboost chair booster to giveaway!
*Simple is giving away a diaper doodie!
*Busy Mommy has a $25 Little Jet Set gift card to giveaway!
*Mamanista has a pair of Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Chic Shopper Chick has jammies for the whole family to giveaway!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a Sudz and Bubbles $50 gift card to giveaway!
*Frugal Penguin has a $15 starbucks gift card to giveaway!
*An Ordinary Life has a pillsbury savorings gift to giveaway!
*Superdumb Supervillian has a slanket to giveaway!
*My Thoughts, Ideas & Ramblings has a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card to giveaway!
*The Giveaway has a large toy from Creative Toyshop to giveaway!
*Chic Shopper Chick has south n france bon-bons to giveway!
*Savvy Housewife has a Build-a-Bear card to giveaway!
*Chocolate Bytes has a Ferrero chocolates collection to giveaway!

There's lots of great stuff going on all over the web!! I'm going to start touring blogs and reviewing them over the next few days... stay tuned!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Step Ahead Playmat Giveaway @ MomDot!

The lovely MomDot is giving a chance to win an awesome One Step Ahead playmat! I'd really love to win this one because I saved the playmat that I received as a shower gift for my daughter 4 years ago, but because it was stored in the garage, it got completely ruined. Now with lil' Buddy I don't have one!! GRRR!!! Anyways, this one from One Step Ahead is awesome and I'd really love to have it for the boy! Head on over to MomDot to see how you can win one, yeah, you'll be competition but thats alright!!

Here's my lil' Buddy that I'd like to win the playmat for!!


Yayyyy Tuesday!!

Here's some giveaways for Tuesday!!

*All Because 2 People Fell in Love is giving away a Build-a-Bear package!
*Red Sox Mommy has a pair of Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Amanda has a pair of Bugaloo shoes to giveaway!
*Mom Most Traveled has a Bamboosa hoodie to giveaway!
The Tea Party Week fun continues at Mom Most Traveled! Enter here for your chance to win a Barely Bamboo hoodie from Bamboosa!
*Blessings Abound has a pair of Smaller shoes to giveaway!
*Yummies 4 Tummies has either a Starbucks or an In-and-Out burger gift card to giveaway!
*So a blonde walks into a review has Littlest Pet Shop goodies to giveaway!
*RookieMoms is giving away a Scootababy carrier!
*The Daily Grind of a WAHM is giving away a $25 The Sweet Boutique gift certificate!
*The Redheaded Lefty has awesome Taro Gomi books to giveaway!
*7 Dogs & a Baby has a Chex basket to giveaway!
*MomDot is giving away one of the amazing Boon Flair highchairs!!
*An Ordinary Life is giving away a feeding set!!
*Robyn's Online World is giving away a $25 amazon gift code!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful winning week!!


Happy Veterans Day!

I have to say to all our current and retired veterans, including those who lost their lives, I admire what you do and all you give up to take care of our country. I am thankful for you all and every day we should all respect and admire you, not just one day a year on veterans day. Thank you thank you for all that you do and endure.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Dont Be Sad...

I'm not quite sure what happened, but all the links under "Where I Go" somehow disappeared!! I'm in the midst of putting together all the blogs that I visit regularly and getting it back!! Ughhh... technology...


Changing a blogs layout EASILY....

Can it be done? Is there a ridiculously easy way to change a blogs layout? I thought I found one and I thought I found the answer, but alas, its a no-go. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong or what I'm missing, can someone point me in the right direction to help me out? I'm so sick of this plain ol' pathetic looking generic blog.

I am so so so excited at this point though. I'm so broke this year its not funny and with the addition of lil' Buddy I really wanted to get professional Christmas pictures taken of the kids. I knew that I couldn't afford it though. Well the giveaway gods answered my prayers and I won!! The amazing Tot Snob chose me to win the grand prize picture people package!! This is going to be so wonderful for the holiday, I'll be able to frame some and give them as presents to my parents and my in-laws. Thank you soooo much Tot Snob!!

Guess what!?!?! I've got giveaways of my own coming soon... stay posted for more on that!!

Here's a few picks for great gifts!!

In our house we have If You Give a Pig a Pancake and Boug loves this book. Its adorable and such a cute little story about cause and effect. Now you can snag up a 5 book series of If You Take a Mouse.... It includes If you Take a Mouse to the Movies, If You Take a Mouse to School, If you Give a Moose a Muffin, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie and of course, If You Give a Pig a Pancake. I love this set!!

Another great book set is The Poems and Drawings of Shel Silverstein Box Set. This set includes A Light in the Attic, Falling Up as well as Where the Sidewalk Ends. There is just something so wonderful about Shel Silverstein and his words. He's one of my favorite writers still to this day and I've been reading his books since I was a child.

Those are my picks for today, I hope they help someone out somewhere who's looking for a great book gift!!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Contest Corner for Sunday!

Here's my list for Sunday, a lot of great ones here from lots of great blogs! Some good giveaways for Christmas presents or just because!! Big thanks to everyone giving great stuff out!!

*Peanut Butter and Pickles is giving away a Build-a-Bear giftcard!
*Simple is giving away an Alex toys of your choice!
*Oh Hey, Whats Up? is giving away sunkist naturals juices!
*Classy Mommy is giving away an easy bake oven!
*Tales from Oakbriar Farm has a Build-a-Bear giftcard to giveaway!
*Simple has a pillsbury savorings gift pack to giveaway!
*Did You See That? is giving away a Yoplait gift pack!

Later on today I'll be posting some more super gift picks for this holiday season, dont forget to stop back and check it out!!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free Sample!!

Nutritional Tree is giving out samples of Revitacil Wrinkle and Eye Cream, a $19.95 value! Just click the link-

These samples are moving FAST!! They are only given away starting at 10:00 am EST and they are giving away their quantity for the day in less than 1 MINUTE!! Get there quick and try and snag one of your own!!


Wiggles and more goodies!!

I need to touch on one thing... my parents took my daughter last weekend to Pop! Goes the Wiggles Live! Boug had an AMAZING time and still hasn't stopped talking about it. In her own words, "I'm just a big fan of the Wiggles." My parents, who are not your average grandparents, they're a little wacky, said that they even had a wonderful time and that it was a great show that the Wiggles put on! So while I was at my parents house the other day, we were talking AGAIN about the Wiggles. While discussing which one does what, Jeff falls asleep etc... They mentioned that in the middle of the show while Murray was just strumming along on his guitar in the background... he started playing STAIRWAY!!! Can you imagine? Murray the Wiggle playing Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" in the middle of a kids Wiggle show!! I think that's too cool, something to keep the adults interest and draw them back in!!

Here's todays blog giveaways I've seen!!
*Mamanista has a $50 Home Depot gift card to giveaway!
*Book Reviews by Bobbie has 2 great books to giveaway!
*Red Sox Mommy has a $100 Pukies gift certificate to giveaway!
*Amanda has a Dirt Devil Kruz vacuum to giveaway!
*Cool Baby Kid has a Simply baby blanket to giveaway!
*The Opinionated Parent has a Munchkin diaper change kit to giveaway!
*Blessings Abound has a $10 Build-a-Bear gift card to giveaway!
*Travel Savvy Mom has a Rosetta Stone Spanish language kit to giveaway!
*Frugal Penguin has a $10 code to giveaway!
*Lille Punkin' Reviews has holiday babylegs to giveaway!
*5 Minutes for Mom has a stepping stone playmat to giveaway!
*NW Mom Finds has Olive kids placemats to giveaway!
*SassyFrazz has Smaller shoes by See Kai Run to giveaway!
*An Ordinary Life has a Chex basket to giveaway!
*Chic Shopper Chick has a Thomas train game to giveaway!
*My Good Cents has a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card to giveaway!
*Parent Reviewers has a Stubby pencil gift set to giveaway!
*TeensyGreen has a Stubby pencil gift set to giveaway too!
*Everything Up Close has a Nuture My Body gift basket to giveaway!
*Creative Momma has a Crafty Ladies gift to giveaway!
*Mom Generations has a Victorias Secret Appletini set to giveaway!
*The Downtown Boutique has an adorable owl hat to giveaway!

I'm still trying to catch up on all my bloggies from my busy days, but I think I'm almost there!! Thanks to everyone offering these great giveaways!!


Friday, November 7, 2008

More goodies...

I'm still trying to catch up on what I missed over the past couple of days! WOW, the bloggers have really been working hard on great articles and great giveaways! Thanks to all you bloggers holding giveaways!!

*An Ordinary Life has an evenflo carseat to give out!!
*There are cookies up for grabs at Busy Mom!!
*Rockin' Mama has one of those so desireable Chex baskets!!
*A Mom's Review has an awesome dove soap prize package for someone!!
*Whimsy & Spice giveaway going on over at Wishing Willow!!
*Mom Most Traveled has a $25 Little Jet Set gift certificate to be won!!
*Sweetirie giveaway at The Gift Closet! Seriously nice patterns!!
*Super cool Uneaks being given away at What's That Smell?!!
***What’s That Smell? is unique and wants your kids feet to be unique too. To enter to win a pair of U*neaks Customizable Footwear and a pair of U*neaks socks, check out this post: U*neaks Customizable Footwear for kids - review and GIVEAWAY

*Bloggy Giveaways is giving away cards from Megan's Custom Cards!!
*Another Chex basket at Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife!!


Catching up!!

I'm so behind!! After two busy days of running around with DMV issues and car issues, crazy kids and visiting my parents I haven't had much time to check out all the blogs I read and post about the awesome giveaways that they are hosting!! Here's a few for now while I start to catch up and regain some normalcy before the weekend!!

*SassyFrazz has one of those delectable, indulgent Chex baskets up for grabs!!
*An Olive Kids pillow, Land's End fleece and a Build-a-Bear giftcard are available to win at Amanda!!
*Berrie Sweet Picks has 2 adorable Lollitops hat to give to 2 winners!
*Loving Land's End!! An Ordinary Life has a fleece to give away!!
*An Island Review has a Chex basket for someone to pamper themselves with!!
*Sweet n' Sassy diaper clutch being given away at Sweet n' Sassy Baby!!
*Bellaziza's Favorite Things has a super cute Hatley snowsuit available!!
*Another Build-a-Bear giftcard over at Jo-Jo's Place!!
*Fabulous Fun Finds has delicious goodies from Cupcakes in Jars!!
*Douglas Plush Toys are being given away from Sassy Housewife!!
*Yummies 4 Tummies has a gift card giveaway going on! Your choice!!
*Super sweet Twilight Turtle being given away at 7 Dogs & a Baby!!
*The Dirty Shirt is giving away a fabulous Chex basket and Serah's Handmade Soaps!!

WHEWWWW.... Lots of great stuff going on out there in bloggerville... I'd love to get my hands on this stuff!!


Goodies to be Won!!

*Keurig coffee maker up for grabs from Amanda!
*Heather at A Daycare Life has a daily entry for a new Evenflo carseat to giveaway!!
*$25 gift certificate to All Things Ribbon being given out at Pennies In My Pocket!
*PB and Pickles Reviews has a Master of Multitasking tote!!
*Yummy Yoplait yogurt giveaway at SassyFrazz!!
*SassyFrazz also has a Pillsbury Savorings giveaway going on!!
*Awesome Ultimate Toy Giveaway going on at GoodyBlog!!
*All Things Lovely has a Sweet Dreams Baby book going to someone!!
*Alex Toys Touchables Puzzles being handed out by 7 Dogs and a Baby!!


Techie Gift Idea!!

I know I haven't posted in a day, I've been having some issues with getting my car inspected and DMV whatnot so I'm beat! I just wanted to pop in and drop a quick techie gift idea to all of you!!

Too cool, here's a slim little mouse for your laptop!! MoGo Presenter Mouse X54 is this great skinny mouse that stores and charges in the express 54 slot on your laptop!! Then the thing turns into a wireless presenter!! This is so cool cause if you store it in the slot you dont have to worry about losing it or carry around a bulky extra mouse for any reason. If youre like me, I hate the little mouse pad thing on the laptop!! I always have to have a mouse for it!! Starting at $46.50 this isnt a bad deal for the technology lover in your life!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great Christmas Present Deals!!

Here's another installment of my great Christmas present deals and ideas!!

-For the new or just reading learners, I really suggest the LeapFrog TAG Reading System and this one includes a case as well as a Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss book. What kid doesn't love Dr. Seuss? At only $69.99, not a bad deal at all. You can't really put a price on learning!!

-For a fun game night, choose Cranium Hullabaloo. Its great fun for the entire family and you definately wont be sitting on your butt playing an average board game!!

-For the itty bittys, what baby doesn't love to bounce around?? The Fisher-Price Deluxe Jumperoo is the perfect gift for those bouncing bundles of joy! My daughter had one when she was a baby and LOVED it. I cannot complain at all, especially if my daughter was fussy, I'd let her bounce around for a while and she'd tire herself out and take a nap. The girl would wake up refreshed and not fussy at all!!

-I cannot rave enough about our Nintendo Wii, it is the perfect video game system for us. Gets us up and moving, we laugh at each other hysterically because we get so into the game. My 4 year old loves the baseball on the sports package and there are soooo many other games to get for it. I'm saving my bucks to get the Wii Fit for it to help me get some workout time in cause its impossible for me to get a gym membership or even get to a gym. I'm most looking forward to the Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 since she's so great at whippen peoples butts into shape on The Biggest Loser!!

So those are my picks for this time around!! Anything that you want to suggest? Post a comment!!


The Giveaway does it again....


Monday, November 3, 2008

15 Days!

15 Days of Marketing with Jessica Knows

Check out the 15 days of marketing!! 15 days of learning, networking and strategizing at Jessica Knows!!


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Just wanted to drop a quick post and share our Princess Leia and Darth Vader pics!!

Boug as Princess Leia--

Her grandmother actually made the robe part of the costume, its so nice and it will definately be reused as a wearable blanket cause its made from such great fleece! Boug and I made the belt together!!

Lil' Buddy as Darth Vader--

Okay so its a store bought costume, but he's just little and sat in the stroller the whole time!!

Want to share pictures of your little ones in their costumes? Leave the link to your blog post in my comments!!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Holla at your bloggy giveaway winners!!

Its so sad... Bloggy Carnival week has come to an end. Lets hope for lots of nice notices in all of our mailboxes that we won the wonderful things that we entered for!! As for my giveaways, I'm announcing my winners!! Ya'll are gonna need to respond within 3 days ya' hear? Or else a new winner will be drawn! --drumroll please!--

#23-Chelsey won the Munchkin Makings Tie Shirt with her comment of "I like the little crabby design! So cute! If I one I'd like the tie t-shirt (but the purse is so sweet too!)"

#87-Sarah from SassyFrazz wins our Baby Einstein - Baby Mozart DVD
with her comment of "I really like the Baby Einstein's first signs DVD~ I have seen it, and I love teaching signing to my kids! (and to me)
Thanks for the contest and prizes to have a chance to win!"

I'll be emailing you both shortly! Congrats on your new goodies!!


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