Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Making formula savings a Parent's Choice

Being the mom of 2, there were a lot of choices to make when I had each of the kids, and one of the biggest was either breastfeeding or formula feeding, or even both. Personally, (don't judge me!) formula feeding was for me, I wasn't comfortable with the whole breastfeeding scenario and with Boug I needed to go back to work pretty quickly after having her. Formula feeding made it much more convenient for us. When she was born, it was recommended that we do the "name brand" formula and being first time parents, we didn't question it, we went with the flow and with Boug, we shelled out a ridiculous amount of money that first year on formula alone.

Did you even realize that baby formulas are U.S. Food and Drug Administration mandated to meet the same nutrient requirements? So how does spending maybe $50, $60 extra per month for the name brand stuff make sense? Parent's Choice formula, available at Wal-Mart, is their store brand and is nutritionally comparable to the mainstream brands like Enfamil Lipil. I headed over to their baby formula savings calculator and plugged in all my info and I've realized that I've been paying way too much for formula for both the kids.

So how do you save money on baby formula? Consumer Reports states that you can stretch your formula buck by not only using the store brand varieties of formula, but by going for the powdered option as well. Powdered costs less than concentrated or liquid, and buying powdered store brand is a great way to save even more.

Lil' Buddy has never been a finiky formula drinker and the Enfamil Lipil has always been just fine, and we definitely didn't see a difference with the Parent's Choice powdered formula either. Just think though... the baby formula savings calculator says that I've been spending about $60 too much every month on formula... add that to the list of things that I wish I knew 5 years ago!! I could have saved almost one months worth of rent this year alone by switching earlier!

You can try out Parent's Choice Formula yourself by requesting a FREE SAMPLE at their site, its always nice to try something out for free before committing or just having that extra formula on hand in case you're in a bind!!



Kristin August 11, 2009 at 11:00 PM  

That comment wasn't relevant. I used the calculator too. Seriously if I had only known!!

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