Monday, September 21, 2009

Organizational Love for Stuck On You!

We've grown to love Stuck On You labels for so many different things, Boug's back to school stuff, my bag tags when I went to Chicago, Lil' Buddy's sippy cups and I could go on and on... but we'll be moving at the end of this month and its my chance to make a fresh organizational start. (and if you don't see as many posts toward the end of the month/beginning of next, that's why)

Stuck On You makes organization easy even for people like me who are organizationally challenged. I would love nothing more in life than to be neat and tidy and organized, but I can't do it on my own. I don't have that "vision." Stuck On You has the shortcuts that you need to get yourself into organizational success!!

One great way to keep organized is with Stuck On You's vinyl kitchen labels. They include labels for items like decaf, pasta, coconut, rosemary and so many others. Why I like this idea so much? The kitchen that we're moving into is ridiculously small, these labels give me a way to buy containers that work for my small space, label them with their contents and have nice, neat organized cabinets!! Not to mention that they're microwave and dishwasher safe, which is a definite perk!!If you check out some of Stuck On You's latest offers, and browse through the Household Labels, you'll see the awesome selections that they have to keep you organized. I especially love the cord labels because I've been on my husband for YEARS to keep the cords from behind the tv from looking like a giant pile of tangled mess, and the cord labels make keeping things neat and tidy easy!


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