Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not Boring Clothing from Bored, INC!

You really wouldn't think to say "It's cute to be bored" but with the selections available at Bored Inc, it really is cute to be bored!

Based out of L.A., the mother-daughter team of Bored Inc has created some of the most adorable characters for their items. Boug received the "Life Is Sweet" shirt and she absolutely adores it! Its a super sweet pink shirt that has a food pyramid on it, though its loaded with candy! In that sense, life truly is sweet!

Bored Inc has the characters that you can't help but giggle at, like Stinky Poo and My Weiner, there's just something to love about a shirt with Stinky Poo on it wearing a sombrero that says Poo-quito!

These aren't the cookie cutter shirts that you'll see all the kids (and even adults!) wearing. These are items with definite character that you can't help but love! But Bored Inc doesn't just offer clothing, you can find everything from aprons to wall decals, from greeting cards to mens tees and more with the great Bored Inc characters!

Check online for a Bored Inc retailer near you or shop on the web!

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