Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DisneyNature: Earth

With the school year upon us, the kids are going to be learning all sorts of things, but one subject that always grabbed my attention was earth science. The study of things living is so engaging and interesting!With the new label from Disney, DisneyNature, releasing Earth on Blu-Ray and DVD on September 1st, its such a great way to enrich your childs (and yours!) knowledge of our planet and the living things on it! We absolutely became engrossed in this feature almost the very second that it started playing- Boug especially loved the whales and the little jumping black and blue bird!

The cinematography that is involved in creating Earth is simply amazing. Breathtaking. Flawless. How else can you describe seeing nature in its finest, without the human interaction, where people are not a distraction to the animals... where plants aren't getting trampled to get footage, but the footage is actually of those very plants growing. The bonus features are amazing as well, the Earth Diaries that goes into the making of the film are so informative and it's amazing to know what people went through to create this!

After watching DisneyNature's Earth, there's the question that lies, after a 4000 mile migration, what can WE do to help the humpback whales?? Get knowledgeable about conservation issues- visit your library and read up! Reduce, Reuse, Recyle and Replenish!! Seek out environmentally friendly products! Spread the word to others about the importance of wildlife and wild places! Simple things like buying canned tuna that is marked "whale and dolphin safe" as well as keeping chemicals and cleaners out of the drains can help the whales live happy in their oceans!!

DisneyNature: Earth is available at amazon.com


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