Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Could this week BE any more HECTIC?? We're getting ready to move, Wednesday and Thursday. I pick up our moving truck Tuesday night, of course the place closes at 7, the hub gets off work at 7, so we're going to have to figure this out somehow. I'll have the truck til like 6:30 on Wednesday, but I have to be at Boug's school by 7:00 Wednesday night for open house, can't miss that for the world. The hub was only able to get off Wednesday and Thursday from work, so we've gotta make this happen in a HURRY!! So therefore... this weeks menu plan is fairly easy peasey!!

Recipes are below!!

Monday: Grilled Cheese & Soup

Tuesday: Navajo Tacos

Wednesday: Who knows? Open house at school... maybe order a pizza??

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner

Friday: Crockpot Chicken Cordon Bleu

Saturday: Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice

Sunday: Crockpot Beef & Brocolli

Once again, breakfasts are usually cold cereal, oatmeal and sometimes Boug just wants toast and a banana! Lunches usually are leftovers or sandwiches paired with yogurt or fruit generally. My meals are usually a bit heavier in meats and chickens as hub is a butcher and brings so much home for free or next to nothing!! Check out more Menu Plan Monday entries at orgjunkie!!

Navajo Tacos (from Recipes of a Cheapskate):
2 c. flour
1 tbsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 c. milk
Oil/Shortening for frying
Taco toppings

Stir together the flour, baking powder and salt. Add the milk and mix until the dough comes together. add flour if needed. Knead for about 5 minutes, until the dough is smooth, then let it rest for 5 minutes. Heat about 1/2 inch to 1 inch oil in a large skillet. Break off pieces of the dough and either roll out flat, or use your hands. Make a thinner spot in the middle. Fry until brown on each side. Let drain on paper towels. Top with taco toppings. Makes about 5-6.

Crockpot Chicken Cordon Bleu (from Joy in my Kitchen)
4 Chicken breasts
1/2 bottle honey dijon dressing
4 slices honey ham
4 slices swiss cheese
1 c. bread crumbs or stuffing

Spray the crockpot with cooking spray. Layer the chicken breasts in the bottom of the crockpot. Drizzle Honey Dijon dressing over the chicken, to taste (around 1/4 C). Layer ham and cheese over the top of the chicken. Top with stuffing, and drizzle about 1/4 C more dressing over the top. Cover and cook on low for 4-6 hours, or until chicken is 180 degrees and tender.

Sweet & Sour Chicken (from My Kitchen Cafe)
3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Salt and pepper
1 cup cornstarch
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup canola oil

Cut boneless chicken breasts into chunks. Season with salt and pepper. Dip chicken in cornstarch and then in egg. Fry in a little oil until brown but not cooked through. Place in a single layer in a baking dish. Mix sauce ingredients (below) together and pour over chicken.

¾ cup sugar
4 tablespoons ketchup
½ cup vinegar
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon garlic salt

Bake for one hour at 325 degrees. Turn chicken every 15 minutes. If you like extra sauce, make another batch of sauce and bring it to a boil on the stovetop. Stir constantly and let cook over medium heat until thickened and reduced - about 6-8 minutes.

Crockpot Beef & Broccoli (from Joy in my Kitchen)
1 lb. beef, chopped into cubes and trimmed of fat
1/2 C beef broth, low sodium
1/4 C soy sauce
1 T dried, minced onion
1 T brown sugar
2 large garlic cloves, minced
8 oz. mushrooms, canned or fresh (if desired)
1 (16oz) bag of frozen broccoli, thawed
2 T water
1 T cornstarch

Combine broth and soy sauce in a crockpot, add onion, brown sugar and garlic. Stir in beef cubes. Cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours (or on high for 4-6 hours). About an hour before serving, combine water and cornstarch and blend well. Stir cornstarch mixture into the crockpot. Add broccoli to the crockpot and cook on low for an additional 30-60 minutes until broccoli is crisp-tender, or done to your liking.


SnoWhite September 28, 2009 at 12:10 AM  

First, congrats on winning the MPM giveaway!!

Second, hope the crockpot recipes make meals easy for you this week and you enjoy them :)

Zonnah September 28, 2009 at 7:15 PM  

We have been having a bit of Grilled Cheese & Soup as well :)

Mom Union September 29, 2009 at 5:05 PM  

Oooo! I'm definitely going to make the crockpot Beef and Brocoli. I've been in a bit of a Crockpot rut lately. Thanks! Heather

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