Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jonas Rockin' the House

Boug's at the age where she's into the boy bands all of a sudden, the little girls at school have Jonas Brothers backpacks and she just asked me today how do girls find a husband to marry...

Jonas Rockin' the House was obviously a huge hit at our house, and Boug has kept asking me to put it on over and over- yes, I'm growing a bit tired of it after watching it probably 20 times so far.

The movie is cute and the boys seem like they're growing up since breaking onto the scene, what a year or two ago? Five episodes, Groovy Movies, Wrong Song, Pizza Girl, Bands Best Friend, and Chasing The Dream, along with two bonus episodes, Beauty and the Beat, and Cold Shoulder have kept this on our "must watch" list. Our favorite episode is Cold Shoulder, Boug loves the song "Left My Heart."

The "You've Just Been Jo-Bro'd" bonus on the DVD is hilarious, and Boug cracks up each time it plays. Watching the guys play a prank on Chelsea Staub is great, it shows just how normal and down to earth they are as well.

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