Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mom Central's headin' back to school!

We all love Mom Central, right? Well they're at it again, with their fabulous Back To School giveaways this time! Though most of the pens and paper, notebooks and backpacks, have already been purchased and started to be used, there's those extras that Mom Central is going to give you a chance to win!!With awesome giveaways lined up like:

  • A Lexmark printer- perfect for the book reports and essay projects, even great for mom to print out the "excuse from gym class" notes!
  • A Gymboree gift card- (my favorite!) Since gymbo isn't just for the little kids, their sizes go all the way up to age 12, you can win a gift card and grab some super cute outfits for your kiddo.
  • A Shred Sled- this is one of those things that my husband desperately wants! Combine skateboarding and snowboarding and you've got the Shred Sled!

Make sure you head over to Mom Central and enter enter enter!! There's many more to check out, which one is going to be your favorite?


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