Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stuck On (Thank) You!!

I need to take a minute, with BlogHer being under a week away, to thank my awesome conference ticket sponsors, Stuck On You. Amy and Anna have gone out of their way, above and beyond to help me out, give me information, and they've just been such a pleasure to work with!! I'm proud to say that Stuck On You has been a great help in getting me to BlogHer!!

If you're not familiar with Stuck On You, they're a super fabulous personalized label company that offers so many different choices, packages, icons, and labels for all different purposes. But Stuck On You is not just labels, you can get your "call me" cards, kitchen and kosher labels, star charts, party invitations and bag tags among other things. Don't worry, I'll be keeping track of my luggage with my Stuck On You bag tags!!

I never realized how much labeling helped out until I had kids, since I was never really organized until then. Now Lil' Buddy has his bottles labeled, so not to mix them up with his little girlfriends bottles, Boug's got practically everything labeled because she's in "go mode" to head off to school. She's ready and she's excited to have her name labeled to everything!! Me- I just love the fact that things are going to get home instead of being lost and gone forever... thats hard earned money that you lose! I honestly cant wait to label the kitchen in the new house when we move in the fall with the kitchen labels, I think that the move is going to be a great start to getting me more organized too!!

But truly, a big thank you to Stuck On You, I'm happy to be representing you at BlogHer '09! And to my readers... keep an eye out for our EM Mommie Swag Bags... Stuck On You goodies in there.... and I may have some extras in my bag if you miss out!!


taysmommy July 18, 2009 at 3:43 PM  

What a fab sponsor! They got one hell of a blogger to rep them!

Mom Union July 19, 2009 at 5:28 AM  

Awesome! Stuck On You is the coolest for sponsoring you. Obviously they recognize the Deuce for the rockin' mama she is. I've seen tweets from you and your BlogHer roomies. Looks like everyone's pumped.

I'll have a post at my secondary blog - I Blame It On The Cat - drop me some comments to let me know how the convention is going.

Have fun!

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