Monday, July 13, 2009

What Do You Bring To Life??

Its pretty hard now a days to keep up with how the digital world keeps changing, I mean, going from heading out to the video store to rent a movie, to having them delivered to your mailbox, or better yet, streamed from your computer. Or the fact that some newspapers are even going under and going to online only versions. How about all the online connecting that we do with our family and friends? Even this blog right here is a way that the digital world is changing.


Charter changes the way that you can live your digital life, and not only that, they want to reward you for keeping up with the times, so to speak. You can "share your story" with Charter and be entered to win all sorts of fabulous prizes. Each week Charter gives away either a 15" laptop or a 52" HDTV to an entrant. Don't forget about the grand prize, which consists of a 52" HDTV, a 15" laptop, along with a free year of the Charter bundle that includes your digital cable with HD and DVR, high speed internet as well as Charter telephone. Now that's what I call a prize pack! It sure would be nice to keep connected and up to date with that package!!

This ends July 31st, which isn't all that far away, so head over and share with Charter what it is that you bring to life!! You can even keep connected with this sweepstakes with Charter on Facebook



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