Friday, July 3, 2009

Snikiddy Snacks !!

Always being on the lookout for snacks, when I came across Snikiddy, I knew I had to try them. Being featured as one of Rachael Ray's "snack of the day," you know they have to be good!! I've even sat in that audience, I've had the snack of the day, and anything that Rachael recommends is definitely going to catch my eye!!

Snikiddy is, as they say, "Simple. Wholesome. Real." Made with all natural ingredients, gluten-free, made with real cheese, no trans-fats, no preservatives and more is definitely something that I look for these days. To be able to find a snack that I feel good about eating myself, as well as give to the kiddos is huge!! I love that I can give Snikiddy snacks to them without any guilt!! Boug has decided that her favorite are the Mac n Cheese ones, whereas the hub is a big fan of the Nacho. Me, I like the Pizza!! Even Lil' Buddy tried them and chowed down with no hesitation!!

You can grab yourself a $1 off coupon over at the Snikiddy site, and don't forget to follow them on twitter!!


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