Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dog Shampoo

Have you ever noticed how much worse that some dogs smell in the summer? I've had friends with dogs who just stink and that's when I always tell Boug "Don't pet that dog or you'll smell too!" Even when I worked at the dog breeder when I was a kid, some of those dogs just stunk and dog smell is STRONG and really hard to get rid of. Its such a pain cause either you just can't get them to not smell bad to begin with, or the stench returns like two days later.

Dinovite now offers Dogosuds, which is all natural which not only gets your pup clean, it lathers easily and rinses easily to help make the task go as quickly as possible! Dogosuds dog shampoo contains 100% pure, theraputic grade essential oils known for their natural healing properties. Better yet, its even a natural flea deterrant! There are no chemicals, no perfumes and no fillers to irritate your dogs skin!!

Another huge perk- it gets rid of skunk odor on the first try!! Back in high school a dear friend's dog was outside freaking out, so he went out to check on Louie, sure enough, not only did Louie end up getting sprayed, my friend did as well!! Dogosuds would have come in handy back then, instead of him calling me and me cracking up hysterically on the phone telling him I didn't know what to do!



CMC July 20, 2009 at 12:41 PM  

Another good shampoo for removing skunk or funk from the dog is NilOdor. Also works on the first try. My favorite, though, is the BioGroom line of shampoos. Most of them are tearless, as well as pleasant-smelling and gentle.

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