Monday, July 13, 2009

Personalized Travel Recommendations

One of my favorite things about doing certain things online is the fact that personalized recommendations pop up occasionally. Like the other day when I was shopping for shoes on amazon, I'd look at a cute pair, then more cute pairs would come up, its great and I found things I would never have known existed. is definitely helpful, being a personalized recommendation site for travel. With BlogHer coming up, all things travel are in my head and has definitely caught my eye. It can be tailored to your budget, timing, preferences, interests and requirements, which makes for travel planning made easy.

Right now there's aFatPassport Giveaway going on where you can win a Flip Mino 2GB to take with you on your next excursion!! How cool would it be to take the Flip Mino with you while on vacation to preserve those memories, for free no less?!? Entry is easy, register on, write a review and enter your name and email in the form. Where have you gone that you could write a review on? Where are you headed that you'd like to know more about so that you can make your trip the best its going to be?

This giveaway ends July 31st, so hop to it!! You can find full rules and and entry information through this link- FatPassport Giveaway



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