Friday, July 31, 2009

Music For Me & More!!

Okay, so technically its not for ME... but if it makes Lil' Buddy then it's definitely for ME!

Given the opportunity to review something special for Lil' Buddy from Music For Me & More, we had to pick the Baby Genius Favorite Nursery Rhymes. Now that the little guy is almost a year, I had come to realize that almost all of our personalized stuff belongs to Boug... and I felt so bad that Lil' Buddy didn't have much personalized for him. The Baby Genius Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Music For Me & More was absolutely perfect! It's a great DVD that isn't just personalized with his name, but his picture too!!
Lil' Buddy's face lights up each time that the DVD goes into the player and for two days straight he carried around the DVD case. Music For Me & More offers so many different choices that it was hard to make the initial decision, but I'm so happy with the Baby Genius choice that we made. Music For Me & More carries books, cds, dvds, letters and phone calls and are the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and just because!

Music For Me & More has definitely been added to my own personal go-to-guide for gifts for years to come!!

Big thanks to Music For Me & More, as well as Extraordinary Mothers, for making this review possible!!


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