Thursday, July 9, 2009

Have you entered yet??

Maybe you recall not too long ago I told you about the trips being given away over at It's A Blu World?? If not... read up... there's still time to enter, but not too much more... this sweepstakes ends July 17th!!

You can enter 3 ways the BluFrog sweepstakes:
Hit up this blog post at It's A Blu World and comment with which experience you want to win and why.
Twitter tweet! Spread the word about this contest using hashtag #bluworld and this link-
Write a blog post about the contest and which experience you'd love to win the most, leave the link at this blog post at It's A Blu World.

You can check out the full rules and regulations at the It's A Blu World website. You've got til July 17th to enter, which isn't all that far away, so I suggest you go do it!!

The trip packages to win are ridiculously cool, I mean, they're so cool that its impossible to choose which one you'd want to win. Its throw a dart at a board to decide, draw a piece of paper out of a hat, hard to choose.

Which would you pick? The Blullapalooza? The ExtremeBlu? The Blustreak? The Happy Blu Year? The BluGamer?

Once again, the BluFrog contest is hitting the last week to enter, so go hop to it!! (yes, stupid pun intended... get it, frog? hop?)



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