Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Tigger Movie 10th Anniversary Edition

I remember 10 years ago when The Tigger Movie first came out, my niece was 2 at the time and now with the 10 year anniversary and my children being "Tigger-Aged" I'm happy to share it with them as well!

The Tigger Movie is going to be available on August 4th and contain a DisneyFile digital movie copy! Also, The Tigger Movie is loaded with bonus features like two new to DVD episodes, a sing along song, games and more!

Set in the Hundred Acre Woods, The Tigger Movie 10th Anniversary Edition features Tigger and the gang in this musical tale of friendship and adventure. Tigger sets off on a journey to find other "Tiggers" who he could call his own family after feeling left out while the gang prepares for a gloomy winter. Through his adventures, Tigger realizes that families come in all shapes and sizes, and even though they look different, The Hundred Acre Wood friends are his true family.

I've always loved Winne the Pooh and all the different selections of movies and books that they have. I love the fact that I can feel okay about letting Boug and Lil' Buddy watch... Winnie the Pooh is free of any suggestive jokes or humor and its getting harder and harder to find that nowadays!

You can preorder The Tigger Movie on!!


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