Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Style Guide presents... Little In The Middle!!

After 2 kids, I've realized that shopping for clothes for myself is impossible, time consuming, frustrating, tear jerking and just an all-in-all downer. Nothing ever fits right, my body is definitely NOT what it used to be and it seems that every store is sized different, with everything being shaped for people with perfect bodies, or bodies without any curves or shape to them at all. Its frustrating and annoying, but it doesn't have to be.

With Little In The Middle jeans, I'm so comfortable with myself! They fit the way that jeans are SUPPOSED to fit, not the way that lots of places make them to fit that just doesn't work for me, and I'm sure lots of normal people like me.

Little In The Middle was created to fit the curves that most women have, more hips, with a narrower waist. What shape are you? A spoon, hourglass, ruler or a pear?? Little In The Middle fits a size smaller in the waist than the hips, so you completely lose that gapping that you get when you have to buy jeans a little bigger because you can't get them over your hips!! I'm not going to name stores, but there's one that I always shop that I refuse to buy their jeans anymore because of the gapping. Little In The Middle completely solves that problem!! They fit in the waist, they fit in the hips, all in all... THEY JUST FIT!! Hallelujah... clothes that fit this post baby body... Sometimes I have to remind myself that I've been out of high school for years now and I don't have that same body as I did then. Its much harder to buy "off the rack" now.

You can shop Little In The Middle jeans at and or shop for a swarovski LITM tee at I went through the True Jeans website to pick mine because I was able to use their "find your true fit" tool to put in my measurements and get the Little In The Middle jeans that were the right size for my build. The tool was spot-on and my jeans fit perfectly! Maybe I watch too much "What Not To Wear" but I can see what an improper fitting jean can do to someones look and its just aweful. No one should settle for something that doesn't fit right, so thank goodness for Little In The Middle, there's no need to!

Lee Ann Park, the creator of Little In The Middle jeans also works with The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness to help promote positive body image and raise awareness about the dangers of eating disorders. The Alliance has also designed a tee shirt with Humanity for All and proceeds from the shirts sale benefit The Alliance. You can read more about it at Retail Minded, or pick the shirt up at Belisi.

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