Friday, July 17, 2009

Rich Frog Review!

Being the Mom of a girl, and then a boy, puts things in perspective about clothing and toys and the like... there are way more adorable items for little girls then there are for little boys. So when something arrives for Lil' Buddy that's too cute for words, I get excited!

Rich Frog sent me the most adorable banana cream pie monkey hat and I couldn't even get the tags off before getting it on Lil' Buddy's big melon head! We were with my parents and my grandparents at the time and not one person could believe just how stinkin' cute the hat is!!

Rich Frog, based out of Vermont, is home to some of the most adorable toys, booties, hats, baby gifts, organic cotton and so much more! I'm going to be visiting Rich Frog again real soon, since Boug tells me that her tooth is loose and the Fairy Frog tooth pillow is right up her alley!!

Rich Frog has even won 4 Oppenheim awards for their fabulous, adorable toys!!

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