Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Traveling with a Smooshie!

With all these posts that I'm doing about travel and travel related items, this one could be related. Having something to do in the car while traveling that isn't going to get old in 2 minutes is important when traveling with kids. I've brought things on car trips in the past that have literally been tossed on the floor of the car within minutes and then we have another 4 hours in the car with toys that Boug just isn't interested in.
Smooshies are a great new toy available at Joann fabric and craft stores where kids can create their own little friend!! The possibilities are great and its a awesome toy for keeping the little ones happy and occupied!

Smooshies have received the Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year award, as well as the Dr. Toy Best Vacation Childrens Products winner!!

I got the cutest green and purple Smooshie for Boug and she's been contently playing with it for a while now, she hasn't grown tired of it yet, which is HUGE for us! We have tons of toys that she just gets bored with so quickly that are just sitting in her bedroom, its so nice to see her engaged with a creative toy!!

With starter type kits available and single add on pieces as well, its easy to keep this toy engaging for a long time to come! There are countless possibilities to what your child can create- a monster, a robot, an alien and more!!

Big thanks to One2One Network for making this review possible!


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