Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Picaflor Kids- for busy little wings...

I'm in love with beautiful clothes for the kids, because if they haven't let me shower in days, at least they look good and detract from my greasy hair and bags under my eyes. When given the opportunity to review Picaflor Kids, I had to jump- these are some of the classiest, most gorgeous clothes that I've seen for little ones in a long time.

Picaflor means "hummingbird" in Spanish and has some of the highest quality knitwear that I've ever seen. You see great knitwear in adult clothes, but in kidswear, that's actually wearable AND washer/dryer friendly- thats hard to come by.

With sizes that run all the way up to 9/10 years, I'm really looking forward to dressing the kids in Picaflor for years to come. Boug has refused to put on her new Erica dress because she wants to save it for Sunday when we attend a Christening. She had decided immediately when the dress arrived that its what she'll be wearing!!

Of course, Boug is no problem, but its Lil' Buddy I always worry about, being younger and with sensitive skin, he's been getting the heat rash already this summer and its only just begun. I have no worries with Picaflor because its a natural fiber, hypo-allergenic, absorbant and wicks moisture away- so my clammy little boy isn't too clammy in his adorable Picaflor outfit!

Picaflor Kids is available for purchase at their website or you can check for a retailer near you!

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