Saturday, November 7, 2009

Up, Up and awayyyyyy!!

One of the great movies coming out on DVD this holiday season is UP, unfortunately we never got to see this one in the theaters so I'm super happy that its almost on DVD!

The story of UP is too sweet, 78 year old Carl the balloon salesman finally ties thousands of balloons to his house to fulfill his hopes of getting to the wilds of South America. Little did he know that the excitable Russell, the 8 year old Wilderness Explorer is coming along for the ride! The film is just too touching, with Carl's wife dying and Carl wanting to live their dream of getting to Paradise Falls in South America. Of course, when Carl and Russell make it to South America, they meet some characters that they definitely weren't expecting!!

On Tuesday, 11/9, UP will be available in a 4 disc editon as well as a single disc copy and a two disc deluxe edition, plus digital copy and both are loaded with extras! The "adventure is out there" bonus material is so cool cause you can see how the filmmakers went to South America to research the design and story of UP.

Now if this were real life, it would have taken 4,600,000 helium balloons to lift up Carls house, or 3,200 balloons to lift up a dog like Dug in the movie!

You can preorder the 4 disc combo pack with digital copy, two disc deluxe edition with digital copy or the single disc widescreen edition at

Opinions are my own, I was provided items free of charge to review which in no way changed the way I feel about the product!


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