Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide shares BSkinz!!

I can't stand not being comfortable, and I'm so happy that leggings and patterned tights and the like are back in style. Even with Boug's skirts and dresses, I love putting something on her legs underneath, simply for the fact no one needs to be lookin' at her undies while she's on the playground running around!! There's tons of brands and even no-name brands around of leggings and such, but I've found my new fave with BSkinz!

BSkinz are thicker, more spandex-y then your ordinary leggings, but I must say, they don't suffocate your legs. I wore my maroon ankle length the other day while cleaning up around the house, and I was probably the most comfortable I've been in a longggg time!! Of course BSkinz isn't just for wearing around the house cleaning, they carry great volleyball shorts, capri length pants, ankle length pants, of course I love their limited editions and Boug loves to toss her Jazzy Pink pair of pants on with a jean skirt and a pink top!! What can I say, the girl loves to stand out! BSkinz prints don't just blend in with the crowd, which rocks, because being a wallflower is no fun. Even for those more demure moments, they do have some milder solid colors as well.

If you do your BSkinz shopping through this link, an automatic 15% off will be deducted for your order! Just in time for Cyber Monday!!

Opinions are my own, I was provided items free of charge to review which in no way changed the way I feel about the product!


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