Friday, November 13, 2009

Keeping your windshield clean with Windshield Wonder

There are always those people who are so ridiculously hard to shop for, my dad being one of them, and I always end up getting him some junk that I know he'll never use. This year I paid attention and realized he could really use some stuff to keep his truck clean! He's going to be getting the Windshield Wonder cleaning tool this year to help him out!!

First off I have to say that I personally LOVE the Windshield Wonder, I cannot stand a dirty windshield. It makes it so much more difficult to see, I'm always distracted by the smudges and grime. I also have to say that even though I hate having a dirty windshield, I hate cleaning my windshield even more. Such a strange angle, you can never reach right and you know once you finish and start driving down the road, you always notice the places on the windshield that didn't get cleaned right.

Windshield Wonder has been such a help in keeping my windshield clean and I can't wait to share it with my dad for Christmas! No need to use glass cleaner, so I keep mine in my console and I actually used it while waiting to pick Boug up from school. It uses water, and of course I had a bottled water in the car, easy peasey to use!

In my eyes, Windshield Wonder is a great gift for someone who has everything, someone who wants for nothing, people who are car enthusiasts and practically anyone who drives a car!! You can buy Windshield Wonder on their website for $10 for two sets!

Opinions are my own, I was provided items free of charge to review, which in no way changed the way I feel about the product!


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