Friday, November 6, 2009

Get your DVD player a little chilly...

Some sequels aren't so good. But we watch them, and then are disappointed in the characters that we've grown to love....

NOT the case with Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs!! We loved this movie just as much as we loved the first two!! I have to admit, some of the reasons that it peaked my interest were simply the voices involved with this installment. I love Ray Romano and Denis Leary, but add in the amazing Jane Lynch and the hilarious Kristen Wiig, I'm loving all the people who came together to make this movie as great as it is!! And yes, I love the hidden gems of "grown up" jokes that are tossed in the movie... Funny enough for me to pick up on, not blatant enough for the kids to ask questions... perfect balance!

Boug absolutely fell in love with the storyline of this installment of the Ice Age movies, where Manny and Ellie are waiting for their sweet baby to arrive, Diego questions who it is that he is, Sid of course gets into trouble and who'd-a-thunk... Scrat is still after the nut!! The new movie introduces you to Buck who is a one-eyed dinosaur hunting weasel!! Boug's favorite still throughout all three movies is Sid, and what's not to love about him??

Of course with every release, I must go through the bonus features and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs doesn't disappoint. The unfinished deleted scenes were too cool to check out and I personally loved the "Buck from easel to weasel" featurette!!

You can pick up your copy of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs DVD/Blu-Ray + Digital Copy at, as well as the double copy including "The Scrat Pack" on DVD. Both would be a perfect addition to a holiday wish list this season!


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