Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Uncle Sam's Cereal MEGA Review

We're big cereal eaters in our house, there's usually at least 3 open boxes of cereal at any given time so when the opportunity arose to try out Uncle Sam's cereal, I had to! To be honest, I knew that my daughter wouldn't even attempt to try it, at 5 years old, the words "flaxseed" and "omega-3's" scared her off immediately.

My husband is a completely different story though! I was lucky to get a small bowl myself of the Uncle Sam's... he was keeping it under lock and key because he loved it so much. He's one of those "give me the crunchiest cereal you can find" guys and especially loved that Uncle Sam's didn't get soggy in the milk and stayed crunchy the whole time he ate his ginormous bowls of cereal!

Though he loved the crunch, I simply loved that he was eating it. He's not the healthiest of eaters so when something comes along that he likes that's healthy, I'm thrilled! Uncle Sam's is loaded with high fiber, omega-3's and flaxseed which are all so great for you. And not to forget the whole grain wheat flakes, I'm happy to find something to add to our cereal shelf that's not only good, but good for you.

If Uncle Sam's isn't available in your local grocery, you can order U.S. Mills Uncle Sam Cereal on amazon.

Check back with Extraordinary Mothers for more reviews of Uncle Sam Cereal!

Opinions are my own, I was provided items free of charge to review (via Extraordinary Mothers & US Mills), which in no way changed the way I feel about the product!


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