Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great shopping deals for the holidays!

*These are not actual reviews, just some awesome deals I found while doing some of my own shopping!!*

Tamagotchi Connection V5 - Tamagotchi Activity Set - Gotchi Gear Bracelet - Memetchi Set
This bracelet making set has been marked down to $3.99 + shipping (was $9.99!!)
There is another style of this bracelet making set here: Tamagotchi Connection V5 - Tamagotchi Activity Set - Gotchi Gear Bracelet - Kuchipatchi Set, same great deal.

For a basketball fan::
Ty Beanie baby Shaqbear
Marked down to $1.49 + shipping (was $9.99!)

For a game loving kid::
Dora The Explorer Kidz Card Games
Marked down to $1.69 + shipping (was $9.99!)

Barbie Girls MP3 Player - Pink
Now priced at $16.99 from $29.99, and don't forget to grab the accessories to go along with it:
Barbie Girls Deco Pack - Panda priced at only $3.88.

For the little one...
Fisher Price Sesame Street Stack'n Play Boats
$4.99 marked down from $15.99!

A new (virtual) pet for the Holidays!
Jakks Vmigo Handheld Golden Retriever
Priced at $2.89 (from $34.99!)

Integrate your MP3 with a video game...
Jive Pod
Marked down to $13.89 from $24.99

For game lovers!
Priced at $2.48 from $9.99!
Mattel Disney Hannah Montana DVD Game 2 Encore Edition
Brought down to $4.95 from $24.99

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KarieK November 5, 2009 at 3:15 PM  

Dude those are some smokin' (ha ha...I said Smokin) Good deals!! Like Black Friday good!

Thanks Casey!

kalea_kane November 5, 2009 at 11:21 PM  

Those are definitely some awesome deals! Thanks for sharing them!

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