Saturday, November 28, 2009

Have a family movie night with Imagine That!

Family movie night is one of the most fun things that we do all together as a family, curling up on the couches or the floor with blankets and snacks and a great movie. Imagine That with Eddie Murphy and Yara Shahidi is one of those fun family movies we can all enjoy on family movie night!

The story is simple, what if your childs imagination held the secrets to your success? To find the solutions to your problems in an imaginary world seems odd, but that's what goes down in Imagine That. A successful financial executive, with little time for his kiddo, has a breakdown in confidence and gets lost into his daughters imaginary world, which leads to all his solutions! It really is a sweet movie that reminds us all what's important, keeping in touch with your inner child and always remembering to take time for your family, as they will always be the key to your happiness!!

With bonus features like a set tour, behind the scenes featurettes, director commentaries, outtakes and deleted scenes, there's something for everyone to get into! I love the outtakes and deleted scenes myself!!

You can order your DVD copy of Imagine That or your Blu-Ray copy of Imagine That at


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