Thursday, November 5, 2009

Smarter, Faster House Care


When I was lucky enough to head to NYC for the launch of Euro-Pro's Ninja Master Prep kitchen tool, they also filled us in on the awesome Shark cleaning appliances that they have in their line as well. Now of course, the Ninja Master Prep is the perfect tool for cutting your time for preparing for your holiday get togethers, but the Shark products are ridiculously helpful as well.

I can't even begin to let you know how much I'm in love with my Shark StikVac. I'm seriously obsessed with using it. I feel like the closer that it gets to the holidays, the more often that people stop by unannounced or call about 5 minutes before they'll be at my front door. The Shark StikVac makes it so easy to just do the quick vaccuming that I need to do so my house doesn't look atrocious!

The Shark StikVac is cordless, my most favorite feature, and its lightweight so I can carry it upstairs and from room to room without being weighed down or tangled up in cords. I've ran my StikVac on my kitchen floors as well as my carpeted floors and I haven't been disappointed at all. The battery stays charged for quite some time and fits perfectly in the skinny little closet that I have in my living room that no other vaccuum could ever fit in!!Another big perk about the Shark StikVac? The canister comes off and works as a hand held vaccuum!! Seriously, the Shark StikVac has made clean up at my house easy-peasy. Even the husband loves to use it, and without even me asking him to!! YAYYY!!

You can pick up your Shark StikVac at the site, where when you order you'll get TWO batteries with the dual charger- awesome so that you'll never be out of battery power, and you'll get a free Shark Iron too! Shark is your source for smarter, faster house care!


kalea_kane November 5, 2009 at 11:19 PM  

This looks like a dream. Thanks for sharing!

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