Sunday, November 1, 2009

Multiple Topics Covered Here....

I'm sitting here with so much running through my head but at a complete loss of how to say it.

I've been so overwhelmed with trying to get unpacked from this move that everything is suffering. The blog. The regular housework. All of it... and to think I'm still not organized. Who would have thought it would be this hard?

I know its only the day after Halloween, but if I eat another piece of candy that I've stolen from my 5 year old, its doubtful that I'll be fitting into my jeans tomorrow. Not good....

I'm starting to get so discouraged with certain sites, maybe its just me, but I type like I talk and I've been complimented on it before. I've been told that reading some of my posts are like chatting with a friend, and I take all compliments to heart. But when I'm shunned for that, it sucks, and then when I see people who are working with sponsors that I'd like to work with or have attempted to work with in the past and they have ridiculous spelling errors all over the place, I get mad. I mean really? You pick that over all this? When I read things that are spelled completely effed up, and the sponsors still go for that crap... it pisses me off. I take pride in my site and what I do here, I take pride being able to work with the awesome people that I've been able to work with... Bitching completed.

I'm in the midst of getting a job... Lord help me now cause I haven't worked in about 2 years... Thankfully, I'd be going back to a company that I worked for 5 years, except in a different location, though working with a manager that I absolutely adore. I'm having some mixed feelings about this right now... I'm not sure how I feel completely one way or the other... In a way, I'm super happy that I'll be able to contribute to the household finances, but on the flip side, I do enjoy staying home with the boy, getting Boug off the schoolbus, helping out at school and all that junk... Though I'd love to go back to work and actually talk to adults instead of goo-goo/gah-gah'ing to myself in the bathroom mirror while the boy naps.

Why the hell are there fertility test commercials on the Teen Nick channel? I'll admit, I'm 27 years old and semi-addicted to Degrassi, but whatever, I just don't think that fertility test commercials have a place on a television channel with "teen" in its name. Just my 2 cents.

Oh, and I'm editing this post to add one more thing... Why does Halloween give all women a free for all to dress like sluts and skanks?


Leah November 2, 2009 at 1:29 AM  

OMG,- yesterday, I thought if I saw 1 more naughty school girl costume I was gonna barf!

Liz November 2, 2009 at 11:09 AM  

Amen, Amen, and Amen!!! :-)

Unknown November 2, 2009 at 3:02 PM  

I hope you get everything together and your stress can be somewhat relieved. I hear ya about the costumes. We went to parties Friday and Saturday. It was pathetic. This one chick even showed her ass to try to win the costume contest, wtf!

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