Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweet Movie for the Family!!

How do you spend a special at-home night with your family? Around here we snack, play games, tackle each other on the floor, pop in a good movie and veg out on the couch under a few blankets. I'm always on the lookout for a new good movie to watch with the family cause now a days its sometimes hard to tell what's okay.

The movie "All Roads Lead Home" was brought to my attention and I checked out the trailer for it. Oh my goodness... I'm already in tears and I know that Boug would adore this movie. She loves animals to death and has been begging me to take her horseback riding since she was two!

The cast is stellar... Peter Coyote, Jason London, Peter Boyle... I love these men!!

Fair warning, the trailer made me tear up a bit, but it was so worth it. This movie looks great and I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled for it at the video store. Its going to be released in just a few days, January 13th!!

You can even easily watch the trailer right here at Deuce's World!! I'm making it very easy for you!!

Unfortunately this was Peter Boyle's last film. I love Peter Boyle from what I understand he did a fabulous job with his role in this movie!

"All Roads Lead Home" was written by Dennis Fallon and he was the lucky recipient of 2 awards won at the International Family Film Festival.

Boug is going to adore this movie, and of course, the shots of the horses and the puppies make me want to go buy a farm.

So let me know, how do you spend your family nights? Will you be checking this movie out? What's your favorite type of movie to watch?

All Roads Lead Home The Movie



Anonymous,  January 8, 2009 at 4:03 PM  

This looks like a great movie! I think my husband and I will watch it together and save the cartoons for family nights with the kids (2 and 5)!

Thanks for letting us know about it! Was this released straight to dvd?

LiveLaughLoveCj January 8, 2009 at 10:40 PM  

This looks like a great film! Around here, teenagers and hubby tend to like "firematic" and or "suspense" type movies - I spend a fair amount of time under the covers when it comes to both. Picture me, plugging my ears and going "nah nah nah nah I can't hear this" Yup! The kids get a huge ol laugh out of it and think I'm a scaredy cat (they are right!). Family time is a little harder to come by now as they are older - I just wrote a post about this yesterday (I think)!! lolol
Oh, I changed by blog address (YEA! ME!) I'm learning as I go... so check my dashboard and follow the NEW NEW NEW one!! ;)
Love ya my friend

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