Sunday, January 4, 2009

Space Bags Review

A few years ago when I worked in the restaurant, a friend of mine that worked there was going back to college. I asked him how the hell he was going to get most of his crap back to school in his little Honda. He let me know about Space Bags and it immediately caught my attention.

As renters, I always have this fear that my landlords are going to frown upon my clutter. And believe me, we have A LOT of clutter. Lucky for us, we have a great apartment with a garage and we're able to store a lot of stuff out there. I actually "space bagged" a bunch of Boug's old clothes and they are stacked neatly in the garage. No buggies or mice or anything able to get to them. No worry about dampness or mildew!

Right now at the Space Bag website, you can order a full set for only $19.95+ shipping and handling. This set includes:
-2 Jumbo Cube Bag
-2 Large Bags
-2 Medium Bags
-1 Hanging Bag

You can check on the site where you can purchase them in your state, take the survey, or chat with a live pre-sale specialist!

There are also great tips and solutions for keeping your house uncluttered, organized and there's an available organizing expert!

Seriously, the video on the site is much much too familiar to me. The overflowing closet, ugh... thats my house.

And for all of you that travel, be it by plane, train, bus or car, space is limited in your luggage and now with airlines charging SO MUCH extra for baggage. They have the Space Bags in a travel version!

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LiveLaughLoveCj January 4, 2009 at 1:44 PM  

I've always wanted to try these things! Clutter, Mayhem, Chaos surrounds me, stuff just multiplies like bunny rabbits around here!!! HELP I'VE BEEN OVERRUN AND I CAN'T FIND MY WAY OUT!!! tee hee

This is on my wish list of things too!
Thanks Casey for the intro and reminding me again to get me some of these!

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