Monday, January 12, 2009

Brownies, Sort Of.

Another long day is just about finished up, I'm ending mine with visiting some blogs. I was going to make brownies, but I got as far as mixing together the mix... took a few spoonfuls of that, felt like puking, put a lid on it and sat at the computer... I don't think I'm normal.

Ends Wednesday, Jan. 14th-
*The Funky Monkey- Cricket & Monkey Giveaway
*The Not-So-Blog- Birthday Bash Giveaway Day 4

Ends Thursday, Jan. 15th-
*Kid Buy Products- Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush Giveaway

Ends Friday, Jan. 16th-
*So A Blonde Walks Into A Review-
Pepsi SuperBowl Party Pack Giveaway
*My Wooden Spoon- 100 Calorie Little Debbie Giveaway

Ends Saturday, Jan. 17th-
*The Not-So-Blog- LittleMissMatched Socks Giveaway
*The Life of a Home Mom- Pepsi SuperBowl Party Pack Giveaway
*Momma Findings- Sprout Shell Giveaway

Ends Sunday, Jan. 18th-
*My Charmed Life- Krafty Mommas Boutique Giveaway
*My Charmed Life- Crocheted Little Things Giveaway
*Shopaholics Daily- Sexy Hair Giveaway

Ends Monday, Jan. 19th-
*Natalie's Sentiments- Paisley Lane Giveaway
*Mudpies & Mary Janes- Good For The Kids Giveaway

Ends Thursday, Jan. 22nd-
*Northwest Mom Finds- Mini Monkey Hat Giveaway

Ends Friday, Jan. 23rd-
*The Soothie Ranch- Teething Bling Giveaway
*5 Minutes for Mom- Crock Pot e-Lume Giveaway

Ends Saturday, Jan. 24th-
*Philosyphia- Pepsi SuperBowl Party Pack Giveaway

Ends Sunday, Jan. 25th-
*Life In A House of Blue- ShooShoes Giveaway
*Life In A House of Blue- See Kai Run Giveaway
*Life In A House of Blue- Squeeky Shoes Giveaway

Ends Monday, Jan. 26th-
*An Ordinary Life- Pepsi SuperBowl Party Pack Giveaway

Ends Thursday, Jan. 29th-
*Grab Bag Reviews- See Kai Run Giveaway

Ends Friday, Jan. 30th-
*Mamanista- Exercise DVDs Giveaway

Now get to entering!!

And by the way... to those giving away the Pepsi party packs... I really really really really want one really really really bad. (Hint-Hint)


Susan G. January 13, 2009 at 12:26 AM  

Thanks for the shout out ♥ !

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