Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Valentine's Day Swap!

Its almost Valentine's Day again!!

The hub and I don't usually do anything special for Valentines, we never have a sitter, nor do we ever have any money to do anything fancy to celebrate. Its normally a quick card exchange and a few hugs and kisses and back to normal life.


Kailani over at An Island Life is hosting a Valentine's Day Goody Swap! I cant wait to start shopping for my swap buddy- Tara at Not So Perfect!

Do you want to participate in this years swap? Head on over to An Island Life and check out the rules and link it on up!!!

Here are my answers to the goody swap questions-

*What's your idea of a romantic Valentine's day?
Nothing special, maybe my children behaving and allowing us to enjoy the day all together? I'd really love to go to The Melting Pot with my husband since he's never been there and I know that he'd love it!

*In reality, what's your Valentine's day really like?
Usually an extra hug and kiss, sometimes a flower, normally a few cards exchanged and its business as usual!

*If you could have a lifetime supply of your favorite sweet indulgence, what would it be?
I'm a sucker for chocolate- but its gotta be the real stuff, hershey's, godiva, dove, etc... and I almost always have york peppermint patties in my purse!! (shhh... dont tell my husband or else he'll be stealing them and eating them!!!)

*Is there any sweet treat that you don't like?
I despise black licorice. It makes me gag, even the scent of it!

*If you fell into a pool of chocolate, how would you get out?
Hmm... I can't say that I would even want to get out. My hips may say otherwise, but I'd be in my glory submerged in chocolate!!


Kristin January 22, 2009 at 1:29 AM  

Casey I signed up! Thanks for the reminder

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