Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jersey Vacays....

It has been YEARS since I vacayed in Jersey. Right after I graduated high school in 2000, my best friend and I took our first real, unsupervised, yet with parents permission, vacation together. We headed down the NYS thruway to the Jersey shore.

We acted like fools, thinking we were so damn cool at 18 years old, cruisin' around the boardwalk. But honestly I don't think that I ever had more fun in my pre-children life.

Morey's Piers in Wildwood, NJ is one of the best attractions on the Jersey shore. They have over 100 rides and attractions and TWO beachfront waterparks!!

I know that its only January and I may be "rushing" for the warm weather, but this year I swear that I am taking the family on a vacation in the summer! This is the chance to get great prices, since Morey's Piers has season passes, holiday tickets and gift cards on sale now.

The Jersey shore has got to be one of my favorite destinations for a vacation. There really is something to attract anyone. When I was 18, it was being able to lay on the beach and hang on the boardwalk. Now that I have kids, I definately look at Morey's Piers for more of a family fun experience.

Who really wouldn't love a Jersey Shore beach vacation, sun, sand, food, fun, rides, attractions and so much more!!!

Right now their season passes are really reasonably priced! For the children's easy rider pass, its only $175 and the adults over 25 easy rider pass its only $175 too. The waterpark 4-pack is only $90 and you can even enjoy both waterparks in the same day! And if you're planning a trip to Morey's Piers and you have a birthday or holiday coming up, instead of asking for gifts, why not ask for a gift card to use there? They are available at the Morey's Piers online shop!



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